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Demon Knights #4
Rather than simply relying on sales figures, which never tell the full picture, we ask retailers what is, and what isn't, moving for them, and here's what they had to report this week, on some of December 14's new releases. This past week saw three of the lesser-hyped New 52 titles – Demon Knights, Grifter, and[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen DC Comics – The Ray, Legion Lost, Suicide Squad, Grifter, Batgirl, Mister Terrific, Batman And Robin, Frankenstein, The Shade, Deathstroke, My Greatest Adventure, Resurrection Man, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Batgirl and Batwoman
And I mean that literally.   My Greatest Adventure continues its triptych of oddness… and we also get another look at a massive monster trying to eat you in the Tanga story Red Hood, Wolverine And X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Stormwatch, there seems to be a lot of this about right now I feel a meme article coming[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen DC Comics – Justice League, Batman, Red Hood And The Outlaws, DC Universe Presents, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, My Greatest Adventure, Green Lantern Corps, Birds Of Prey, Nightwing, Legion Of Super Heroes, Blue Beetle And Captain Atom
Just without chopped up bodies or streaming blood. My Greatest Adventure #2 Robotman faces a dilemma with Iaaac Asimov's Laws Of Robotics when fighting zombies, Garbageman faces his humanity… and Batman, while Tange goes floatabout If you're looking for weirder bits of DC, they're right here. It does surprise me that Legion: Secret Origin and the latest[...]
DC Relaunch: My Greatest Adventure #1
In the last issue of Weird Worlds, out today, it states that two strips, the aforementioned Tanga and Aaron Lopresti's Garbageman will appear in… My Greatest Adventure #1 In four months time Which would be October Is that a error, and they mean three months, or could we be looking at more #1s in October? The[...]