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Ant-Man and the Wasp #1 cover by David Nakayama
He contacts Earth to request the Unstoppable Wasp, aka Nadia Pym, to bring him back home She has a plan that involves using subatomic waves and the Nova's communication device, but this goes awry, leaving Scott Lang in the Microverse The Wasp must now follow the subatomic waves and find Ant-Man in the Microverse. Ant-Man and[...]
Wasp Is The Greatest Avenger Of All Time And Here's Why
While both of those individuals have since left the team, the Wasp has stuck around, currently serving alongside Rogue, Doctor Voodoo, Synapse, the Human Torch, and Quicksilver. She was also incredibly accepting of Nadia Pym, the All-New Wasp and previously unknown daughter of Hank Pym Pym had "died," shortly before Nadia made it to America, and[...]