Speculators Corner: Buying Up Spider-Mans Nightwatch

Speculator's Corner: Buying Up Spider-Man's Nightwatch

Today, Bleeding Cool ran the rumour that the Marvel character Nightwatch will be appearing in the upcoming Sony movie Spider-Man: Homecoming All his previous appearances can be found on the Marvel Unlimited digital reading service and on ComiXology.But if you are the speculatory sort and fancy an investment, here's where to go, and how much[...]

Will Marvels Nightwatch Appear In Sonys Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie

Will Marvel's Nightwatch Appear In Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie?

Nightwatch is a comic book character invented by Terry Kavanagh and Alex Saviuk for the Web Of Spider-Man series for Marvel Comics back in 1992.Caught in a time loop, Nightwatch was born the day he discovered his dying body, travelling in time from the future, and stole the strange, sentient costume from himself - and then[...]