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Green Lantern #4 Review: Layers And Surprises
John Stewart battles alone on the edge of known space while Jo Muellin tries to take control of a situation on the Green Lantern homeward of Oa that borders on the uncontrollable. Green Lantern #4 Cover Credit: DC Comics On a frontier world that's spent most of its energy hiding from the universe at large, a party[...]
'The OA: Part II': Netflix's Dimension-Jumping Series Returns in March [TRAILER]
The OA was also released that year, and featured an original, dimension-hopping mystery that was unlike anything else seen that year Today, we got news that Netflix will premiere The OA: Part II on March 22, 2019. The OA features Brit Marling as a young woman who mysteriously appears after being lost for 7 years She has[...]
Green Lantern Movie Still Of The Guardians
Two Guardians of Oa , sitting within the Planetary Citadel The film will feature Guardians including Ganthet, Sayd, Appa, Scar and more, designed by Grant Major. Green Lantern is released on June 17th in Britain and America. From the new Green Lantern comic book, out today Two Guardians of Oa , sitting within the Planetary Citadel[...]