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Supporters of the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) Islamist political party chant slogans as they protest against the arrest of their leader in Lahore, Pakistan April 16, 2021, photo credit: A M Syed /
Pakistan has temporarily shut down all access from its citizens to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, on orders from the country's interior ministry, after days of violent anti-French protests by radical Islamists over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad resurfacing online. The protests began after Saad Rizvi, leader of the outlawed Islamist political party Tehreek-e-Labiak,[...]
The Burka Avenger Of Pakistan – "Justice, Peace And Education for All"
By Nikolai Fomich Pakistan has a new superhero – the Burka Avenger Mild-mannered school teacher Jiya was orphaned as a child and raised by a Kabaddi master named Jan and his wife Kabaddi Jan taught Jiya a new form of Kabaddi (a South Asian wrestling sport/martial art) called Takht Kabaddi, "a new kind of fighting style[...]
Watch: Explosive New Trailer For Pakistan's Big Budget Action Thriller Waar
Waar, a new English/Urdu Pakistani thriller from director Bilal Lashari, has been in development for some time and was even rumoured to be released over a year ago but we are only now seeing the first theatrical trailer for the film Whatever was delaying the production seems to be over now and the film looks set[...]
Mr. Smylie Goes to Dubai: Reflections on Middle East Film & Comic-Con
Everyone speaks English (it is mandatory in schools) and English serves as the lingua franca, as only about 1 in 8 people in the UAE are actually native locals, the vast majority being guest workers from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, and other points East, as well as a huge number of expat Westerners I don't[...]
Pakistani Women Create Comics To Deal With Harassment
The International News in Pakistan reports on a recent "Being A Girl In Karachi" workshop organised by the World Comic Network, a grassroots empowerment group I've covered a number of times. This includes one student, writing and drawing about unwanted attention by a man at a bus stop, that increased clothing covering did not reduce, with[...]