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Karla Pacheco and Pere Perez Relaunch Spider-Woman in February
Spider-Woman is getting a new #1 issue again (and we know Marvel loves those), from the creative team of Karla Pacheco and Pere Perez this March Jessica Drew is bored and gets a new job in this series, presumably ghosting on her old one like Millennials are always doing (according to the internet) Marvel announced[...]
The Sneakiest of Peeks Ahead at Marvel Comics #1001
The sequel to Marvel Comics #1000, it continues the same overarching idea of an ongoing story by Al Ewing threaded through a litany one one page stories by the good and the great from Marvel Comics' history. Currently that includes writers Al Ewing, Audrey Loeb, Jimmy Palmiotti, Declan Shalvey, Vita Ayala, Howard Chaykin, Kaare Andrews, Frank[...]
X-Men: Gold #32 cover by Phil Noto
That said, something actually happened this issue, and it made for a decent book. X-Men Gold #32 art by Pere Perez and Jay David Ramos Pere Perez did some excellent work with the visuals in this comic, giving highly detailed and slightly textured artwork The characters have a sleek and defined look, the background detail is well[...]
X-Men: Gold #31 cover by Phil Noto
It is intended to show what a certain character is seeing, but you can't help but wonder why this vision is so extensive and what some of it actually adds to the story. X-Men Gold #31 art by Pere Perez, Jay David Ramos, and Matt Milla Pere Perez's artwork is solid, giving something of a classic feel[...]
Rogue and Gambit #1 cover by Kris Anka
If the intent of the comic is to show why it doesn't work, well, I actually respect that quite a bit, but that doesn't compel me to follow this to its conclusion. Rogue and Gambit #1 art by Pere Perez and Frank D'Armata Pere Perez's artwork is quite great in this comic The characters look really good,[...]
Rogue & Gambit
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Rogue & Gambit #1 from Marvel Comics by Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez brings everyone's favourite mutant couple together again to tackle their troubled relationship along with the latest mutant crisis that requires the X-Men's attention. Rogue & Gambit #1 cover by Kris Anka What Thompson and Perez bring in this issue is a really fun[...]
Faith To Take On Her First Super-Villain… Or Is That Villains
With the first issue of Faith in shops now and the new over the weekend of a Hilary Clinton cover for issue #5, Valiant has sent out a preview of issue #2 and it looks like she'll be going up against her very first super-villain. In the second issue form writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black) and artists[...]
Faith #1 To Have Coloring Book Edition
So if this is something you want, you need to let your retailer know this weekend as the final order cutoff is June 27th. In a city under siege by robots, aliens, monsters and even worse…celebrities, there is only one woman the people of Los Angeles can count on: the stratospheric superhero called Faith! Aspiring reporter[...]
First Look Inside The X-O Manowar Annual 2016
Writer Robert Venditti (Green Lantern) and artist Pere Perez (Archer & Armstrong) lead off a centuries-spanning look at X-O Manowar's past and present in a giant-sized adventure The issue also features the talents of Amy Chu (Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death), Adam Gorham (DEAD DROP), Jody Houser (FAITH), Mike McKone (Teen Titans), and more. With X-O[...]
A Double Dose Of Matt Kindt From Valiant This Week – Ninjak #1 And Unity #16
Matt Kindt fans can get their fill this week as the writer has both Unity #16 with Pere Perez and Ninjak #1 with Clay Mann and Butch Guice hitting stores And remember, Ninjak is over-sized and contains to separate stories… so that's three Kindt stories in all. NINJAK #1 [VALIANT NEXT] Written by Matt Kindt Art by Clay[...]
Into The Fire – Advanced Preview Of Unity #15
This story of a fallen team trying to pick itself back up is written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Pere Perez. The United have left Unity decimated – a member lost, a terrible secret revealed, and the entire world turned against them Not Harada, not Dr Silk, not even the mighty Armor Hunters left the[...]