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ViewComics – Where Pirated Comics Push For A Better Reading Experience
It is a repository for recent pirated comic books But rather than providing a selection of download links, you view the comic as a series of stacked jpegs, right on the page See a comic, click a comic, read a comic, in high definition It is scarily easy and has the kind of user interface[...]
iVerse To Take On ComiXology With App That Reads Pirated Comics Too
The storage limit of a device will limit the amount of pirated files you can hold (and amend) on a device, though I expect some clever spark will sort out a cloud system at some point And you can't buy DRM-free files in-app yet But then you can't buy any ComiXology comics in-app right now[...]
Catbeard The Pirate Book Three: Shipwrecks And Shedding
Catbeard the Pirate Book Three: Shipwrecks and Shedding Creator, Matt Nelson Kickstarter ending date Friday, April 11 Matt Nelson writes, When I started doing Catbeard The Pirate, I wasn't prepared for the question I got most often at first. "Does his beard use the litter box?" Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself My name's Matt Nelson, and I draw a[...]
Another Comic Book Pirate Writes
We ran a piece last week, interviewing the semi-retired pirate Archangel As a result, a current operating pirate, going by the name CCA_Scanner, wrote the following;. I happened to be hanging out with some folks online in a chat room back then and we started discussing our comic collections On one such occasion, someone had commented[...]
An Interview With A Comic Book Pirate
:) Your Friendly Neighborhood Archangel. I reported on Archangel's decision to retire as a comic book pirate three years ago He was one of the most prominent scanners and uploaders in the game and his name was attached to a large amount of the files that could be downloaded or torrented illegally And then one day, he stopped[...]
Next Month's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Has Already Been Pirated
Where do pirates get their digital scans from? Almost all pirated and illegally uploaded comic books appear on the Wednesday the comic is on sale, sometime mere minutes after the books could have legally been bought off the shelf in a New York store Iron Muslim, for example, went up at around 10.15am ET yesterday. The conventional[...]
No More Heroes Is A Hit… With The Pirates
A week ago, Bleeding Cool featured a small press superhero comic with gumption, No More Heroes by Gordon Mclean, who had used his last pay cheque after being made redundant to fund it. And it was a hit… especially with pirates A few days later, the comic had been downloaded 1600 times through Demonoid alone, ranking[...]
Are The Marvel Pirated Comics An Inside Job?
I've always believed that much of the pirated material originated from a small number of comic store clerks, scanning in printed copies, gathered the day before the comic is on sale But talking to publishers, I've been given the impression that printers or distributors are also under suspicion If these Marvel pirated comics are coming[...]
When A Comics Pirate Is Really Silly
 If paying for three month's subscription in advance something extra will be thrown in free of charge as an expression of my appreciation. If anyone is interested…let me know. Kind Regards, Steve That would be one Stephen Chandler of Glasgow, G33 1RG, according to his eBay tag – which is how he sourced e-mail addresses. That's one comic[...]
Justice League #1 Pirated Two Hours Before On Sale Date
Their intended on-sale date is 2pm ET today. Others that this is a sign that the majority of pirated comics come from a few people working in comic book stores, although they are usually held till after the on sale date to avoid suspicion. Archoboros was also responsible for scanning Flashpoint #5, though that came a little[...]
Walt Simonson To Revive DC's Captain Fear. Again.
"In the eary 1970s, DC published several stories starring a pirate named Captain Fear Beautifully drawn by Alex Nino, the stories were an historical rat's nest The tales were set in the 1850s, more than a hundred years after the heyday of the Caribbean buccaneers, yet featured Spaniards wearing the helmets of conquistadors, unidentifiable but[...]