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We already know that Venom went from #6 to #150, as part of Marvel Legacy renumbering, taking the issue number of comic book series to where it would have been if it hadn't been multiple volumes, with relaunches and restarts. While Ultimates2, similarly, is going to Ultimates2 #100 But a lot of the other Marvel Comics titles[...]
DC Relaunch: Legion Lost #1
In September, along with all the new issue one relaunches, Bleeding Cool has been told to expect a new Legion Of Superheroes series, Legion Lost. The
DC Relaunch: The New Superman #1
In Superman #1, launching in September, we will see what appears to be a new uniform for Superman. Based on the usual style, but more segmented with
DC Relaunch: Edge
Bleeding Cool has already talked about the Dark coming to the DC Universe after Flashpoint, including something called Justice League Dark. But Bleeding
DC Relaunch: The Issue One Renumbering Of The DC Universe
With no current plan for the renumbering to reverse to any so-called "legacy" numbering. And with those issue one renumberings, will come a new rejigged status quo And yes, characters will be changed Some may no longer exist There will be new books, new creators, new teams, new characters and new… new[...]