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Doctor Who: Tom Baker’s Debut “Robot” Get a Supercut Video
This time, we're getting a half-hour compilation of "Robot", Tom Baker's debut story as the 4th Doctor To see it now in light of the show's return in 2005 and how far it's come throws up some surprises. "Doctor Who" still from "Robot", BBC The biggest surprise is how similar Tom Baker's 4th Doctor actually feels to[...]
Invincible is coming soon from Amazon Prime (Image: Skybound/Amazon Prime)
The series is described as suspenseful, action-filled, and emotion-packed, yet builds upon poignant and heartwarming moments of love, friendship, and humanity. A look at the animated series (Scanned Images: Skybound Entertainment) Joining Yuen and Simmons on Invincible are Zachary Quinto as Robot, Khary Payton as Black Samson, Seth Rogen as Allen the Alien, Gillian Jacobs as Atom[...]
"The Masked Singer" Season 3: With Apologies to Men at Work, Colin Hay [VIDEO]
Then Group B will take the stage as they go from six to three, then Group C. ● The final nine masked contestants from all three groups will then come together as they continue to battle for the Golden Mask Trophy. ● Season 3 introduces all-new, custom-made costumes, including Robot, Frog, Banana, Mouse, Miss Monster, and Llama,[...]
lost in space
Thus, the show's title. But in the final official trailer below, fans are getting a different feel and vibe this season – maybe in large part having to do with no longer needing to spend time on establishing a backstory. As you're about to see, the main mission will revolve around Will and the Robinson family looking[...]