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Wondering What To Steal From Tate Modern…
I went with my eldest, looking for inspiration and found plenty. It's also home to Roy Lichtenstein's Whaam! My feelings about the piece are, naturally, mixed. But I did wonder if I could mount a defence against prosecution if I nicked one of these items from the gift shop After all, it would be art, and I would[...]
The Pictorial Narrative, Roy Lichtenstein And The Pregnant Moment In Saga
Although this practice has a long tradition, dating back to medieval religious iconography and even earlier, it was popularized in the 1960s by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein with his most famous works Whaam! and Drowning Girl These are where Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples take their real inspiration Two pages in particular stand out for[...]
Orbiting Roy Lichtenstein
Chris Thompson writes; It seems Image Duplicator has got people talking … The private view, attended by a number of artists including co-curators Rian
Even More From The Roy Lichtenstein Reappropriators
Tomorrow, Orbital Comics in London premiere the Image Duplicator exhibition in which a number of artists reappropriate the works that Roy Lichtenstein reappropriated in his own work, currently on exhibition at the Tate Modern over the river. The launch party is tomorrow evening, I hope to see you there. You can check out two previous lots here[...]
More From The Roy Lichtenstein Reappropriators
This Thursday sees the launch of the Image Duplicator exhibition at Orbital Comics, where comic book artists and designers reappropriate images that Roy Lichtenstein used, crediting the original artist, and making a comment on… whatever they feel like. We ran a bunch of images before, here's a new set Prints and postcards can be ordered here. Rian[...]
Johnny Fartpants Reappropriates Roy Lichtenstein For Viz Comic
We've looked at the recent art exhibition re-appropriating the works of Roy Lichtenstein by comic book creators But one piece, not in the gallery, is on the cover of one of the best selling English speaking comics published today, Viz, starring one of their longest lasting characters… We've looked at the recent art exhibition re-appropriating[...]
Image Duplicator At Orbital – The Best Comic Art Exhibition You'll See This Year
In a couple of weeks, Orbital Comics in London will be filling its gallery with pieces below, and more, comic book artists re-appropriating the works of Roy Lichtenstein, tracking them back to their original source material and then creating a new comic book image that credits the original artist, curated by Rian Hughes and Jason[...]
Sunday Trending Topics: Mjolnir, To Thy Master
That aside, I've heard it said that if Roy Lichtenstein had done his thing in recent times, he'd have been figuratively atomized by lawsuits Perhaps we'll see that theory put to the test here. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: Ridley Scott's Most Revealing Prometheus Interview Yet Scott does trot out some of his favourite lines about the film –[...]
Sharon Moody – A Roy Lichtenstein For Our Times
Roy Lichtenstein, who I felt was profiteering on the work of great comics artists, at least altered them to suit his own style, as can be seen by this comparison plucked from David Barsalou's site Desconstructing Roy Lichtenstein, which shows a Russ Heath panel side by side with Lichtenstein's recreation. I never looked at a Lichtenstein[...]
Roy Lichtenstein "Didn't Even Like Comics"
According to the artist Peter Blake, in an interview with Time Out Hong Kong, legendary pop artist Roy Lichtenstein didn't even like comics. He recalls that "Lichtenstein, who originally started off as an abstract expressionist, didn't particularly enjoy comics In fact, he painted his first rendition of the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor [...]