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Little Archie, The Archies, Sabrina, And Werewolf Jughead In $5 One-Shots From Archie In March
Join co-writers Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg (Archie Meets Ramones) and artist Joe Eisma (Archie) for a power-pop one-shot that goes loud on the music, fun and friendship. Script: Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg Art: Joe Eisma Cover: Jaime Hernandez On Sale Date: 3/15 48-page, full color comic $4.99 U.S. SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH ONE-SHOT BRAND NEW ONE-SHOT SPECIAL! Sabrina is off to[...]
Aftermath Of An Accidental Date – Review Of Jughead #11
Jughead #11 hit shops today and it featured Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the aftermath of the date the two went on It was written by Ryan North and had art by Derek Charm and Jack Morelli I should probably add here that I haven't really read that much from the world of Archie Comics[...]
More Sabrina The Teenage Witch For Your Money
The new horrific Sabrina The Teenage Witch #1 is on its way Okay, she won't be the Bride Of Cthulhu like she is in Afterlife With Archie Buts she's a lot darker than you've seen of late. There's a retailer exclusive cover from Third Eye Comics. But it looks as if you'll be getting a little more[...]
Whatever Happened To Sabrina The Teenage Witch At Sony Pictures? SENYC
Peter Ernest Sailer, attending the NYC: Special Edition show for Bleeding Cool tells us, from the Archie panel, that big Archie boss Jonathan Goldwater confirmed that the Sony Pictures script to Sabrina the Teenage Witch was close to being finished and is expected in two weeks. I hope so, it's a couple of years since the deal[...]
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Gets HP Lovecraft's Necronomicon. For Reals.
And what leads them to this situation? Jughead using the magic of Sabrina The Teenage Witch to bring his dear departed Hotdog back from the dead. And how is she doing it? With, it seems, the Necronomicon, the Book Of The Dead, the fictional grimoire invented by HP Lovecraft Now owned by Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Basically,[...]