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Thank FOC It's Sunday The 26th of June 2022
She'll need all the help she can get, and it may come from the unlikeliest of sources…the Gods!" Deadman Tells The Spooky is the new graphic anthology by Franco, Sara Richard, Isaac Goodhart, Agnes Garbowska, Derek Charm, Christopher Uminga, and others ahead of Hallowe'en "Ever had the feeling that you were being watched? Ever taken a[...]
DC Comics Previews
Written by Franco, stories will be drawn by Sara Richard, Isaac Goodhart, Agnes Garbowska, Derek Charm, Christopher Uminga, and more. Deadman Tells The Spooky Tales   Deadman Tells The Spooky Tales   DC Comics   DC Comics   DEADMAN TELLS THE SPOOKY TALES Written by FRANCO Art by SARA RICHARD, ISAAC GOODHART, AGNES GARBOWSKA, DEREK CHARM, CHRISTOPHER UMINGA, and others Cover by SARA RICHARD 9.99 US | 160 pages |[...]
Watchmen Characters Make It Into Sara Richard's Justice League Tarot Set For DC
So there is a Justice League Tarot card set by Sara Richard in comic book stores today (and from Amazon after Christmas) Featuring a bunch of characters associated with the Justice League – and some less associated.   The Penguin? Apparently But there's more… A Beetles reunion…. Two men, two cups? Midnighter and Apollo of The Authority, well, I suppose they[...]
Mr. Miracle, Black Adam, Booster Gold And Ozymandias On Tarot Cards
The cards are being drawn by Sara Richard (My Little Pony) and feature 78 unique and usable tarot cards These five new cards were revealed along with an interview with Richard on the DC Blog. We showed some of the cards in an earlier story, but here we get to see Ozymandias as the King of[...]
SDCC '15: Hot 80's Girls And Dumb Pokemon
By Alex Wilson Sara Richard, cover artist for the My Little Pony from IDW, has started a new series of original prints she's calling "Poke-Vogue" They feature 80's style glamour women posing with some of the dumber and under-appreciated Pokemon Two of the prints can bee seen below. When asked what is next in the series, she mentioned possibly[...]
Sara Richard Sketchcovers Sandman: Overture At Phoenix Comic Con (VIDEO)
By Alex Wilson During Phoenix Comic Con I had a chance to film some amazing artists and time lapse your extraordinary talent and hopefully give a bit of incite into the artist world and unique styles of each artist. Here's the first of many, featuring Sara Richard working on a sketch cover to Sandman: Overture.  Her amazing[...]
Justice League Tarot Cards – Which One Represents You?
In November DC Entertainment will be releasing a deck of tarot cards featuring their comic characters drawn and designed by Sara Richard But the publisher is asking which card represents you best on their website They figure it out like a lot of these on-line quiz by asking some very leading questions with three answers[...]
Sara Richard's Cosplay Couture….
Sara Richard is designing cosplay costumery Or, "fashion designs inspired by pop culture." I thinkj they're rather fun. Such as these three examples, based on Hellboy and Abe Sapien, Back To The Future and Sailor Moon. Traditionally cosplay comes off the rack or self designed In recent years there has been a growth amongst those creating cosplay costumes[...]