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Vault Replaces Rebekah Isaacs On Money Shot With Caroline Leigh Layne
In their May 2021 solicitations, Vault Comics listed artist Rebekah Isaacs on the sex sci-fi comedy Money Shot she co-created with Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie But as the series returned after a pause from the most recent issue in November, Vault has now announced that Caroline Leigh Layne will be the new regular artist[...]
Money Shot #1, Out Tomorrow, is Vault's Best-Selling Comic to Date
But tomorrow, with the publication of Money Shot #1 from raunchy feminist comedian and Twitter activist Sarah Beattie, Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley, Rebekah Isaacs and Kurt Michael Russell will mark Vault Comics' best-selling title to date And it hasn't even gone on sale. This is especially impressive considering that a number of comic book retailers have[...]