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Showcase #17 featuring Adam Strange, DC Comics 1958.
By contrast, the DC Comics of the period often made an under-discussed effort to educate.  The origin and debut of Adam Strange in Showcase #17 is a fascinating example of this phenomenon and an interesting artifact of its times There's a copy of Adam Strange's first appearance and origin in Showcase #17 CGC 1.0 up[...]
Showcase #79 featuring Dolphin, 1968 DC Comics, art by Jay Scott Pike.
Showcase #79, the try-out debut of Dolphin cover-dated December 1968 from DC Comics has the kind of very specific, detailed set-up that often points to some real-world inspirations.  A girl with gills is found in the wreckage of a sunken warship by US Navy divers on an important mission.  But the Dolphin is in the[...]
DC Comics Liquidates Hundreds Of Archives And Showcases
4 Shazam! Family Archives: Volume 1 Shimura Showcase Presents: Challengers of the Unknown, Vol 1 Showcase Presents: Challengers of the Unknown, Vol 2 Showcase Presents: Adam Strange Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug Vol 1 Showcase Presents: Aquaman, Vol 1 Showcase Presents: Aquaman, Vol 2 Showcase Presents: Aquaman Vol 3 Showcase Presents: Batgirl, Vol 1 Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders, Vol 1 Showcase Presents: Batman, Vol[...]
Superman #1
After starting off the evening with a heavy focus on Marvel's Bronze Age, with titles like Marvel Premiere and the previously discussed Marvel Spotlight, Friday's auction on shifted over towards the Golden Age and Silver Age at DC, with excellent runs on Showcase, Superboy, and Superman, including Jerry Siegel's personal copy of Superman #1. Along[...]