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Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson will be following up his collaboration with Lee Garbett on Skyward with a new comic book, teen horror series, Shadecraft to be published in March from Image Comics. Joe Henderson Launches Shadecraft With Lee Garbett From Image Comics In Shadecraft, readers meet Zadie Lu She's afraid of her own shadow She's also a[...]
'Skyward' #13 Brings Levity and Comedy to a World with Low Gravity (REVIEW)
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Skyward is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics Set on a world where gravity suddenly becomes a scant fraction of what it should be, the human race finds itself nearly destroyed in a completely different kind of apocalypse At first, the book seems pretty fun, with people able to leap literally miles with[...]
Skyward #3 cover by Lee Garbett
This leads to her running from Roger and his men back home to her father. Skyward #3 cover by Lee Garbett Things escalate rapidly in Skyward #3 The pacing feels a little off as a result Sure, the reader knows Roger Barrow is the bad guy, but Willa doesn't immediately guess this Roger wants to see Willa's[...]
Skyward #2 cover by Lee Garbett
He used to work with her father, and she hopes he can help her with her father. Skyward #2 cover by Lee Garbett Skyward #2 flies straight for the class allegory with the ironic reversal of positioning The rich of Chicago live on the street with their magne-boots which keep them from floating However, the boots are[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of April 17th, 2018: One Bat Flies and the Other Falters
It certainly brought it down for me. Skyward #1 cover by Lee Garbett Win: Skyward #1 Takes Flight Despite the presence of enough scientific inaccuracies to send Neil deGrasse Tyson into shock, Skyward is a high-energy and exciting first issue A charming lead, a bizarre and unique premise, and appealing artwork bring this book into the "win" category with ease, and I[...]
Skyward #1 cover by Lee Garbett
Her father still obsesses over the day, and it haunts him. Skyward #1 cover by Lee Garbett Skyward is an impressively constructed opening issue for the series In one issue, this book establishes the lack of gravity, the actuality of the threat it presents, our protagonist, and most of how the world works It does so with[...]
Skyward's Jeremy Dale, RIP
Jeremy Dale, creator of the Action Lab comic book Skyward, has passed away. Working in comics for just over a decade, his comics included Popgun, GI Joe: A Real American Hero and Miserable Dastards. He lived in Atlanta with his wife, Kelly Dale, who posted the tragic news to his Facebook page. It is with great difficulty that[...]
Action Lab's Full Solicitations – The Ten Books Of August
Action Lab are following up on their very active Free Comic Book Day this year, complete with a "tour" of signings by creators, with a big line-up for August, ranging from Bo, to the fan favorite Skyward and the third collection of Zombie Tramp These 10 books, with plenty of variant covers on offer, will[...]
Jamal Igle Joins Action Lab Entertainment As Co-Director Of Marketing
Dale is married to Skyward creator Jeremy Dale. "This is another fabulous step forward for Action Lab," says president Kevin Freeman "Kelly and Jamal bring valuable experience in marketing, the comic book industry, and networking to our fold I have little doubt that our brand coverage will explode thanks to these two." Jeremy Whitley who was the[...]
Speculator Corner: Skyward #1
You may have read about Skyward, a new title from Action Lab, in Bleeding Cool's article by our relatively new staffer Dan Wickline (How rude, I never did introductions, Dan, Bleeding Cool readership, Bleeding Cool readership, Dan.) Dan commented that Action Lab had taken the decision to reduce their all-ages comics titles cover price from $3.99[...]
Skyward: An All Ages Comic That's Beginning To Soar
At this years San Diego Comic Con they debuted a new six-issue mini-series called Skyward by Jeremy Dale (GI Joe, Popgun) Well, Dale and Action Lab must be very pleased with the response as they have recently announced that Skyward is now an on-going series and they are bringing in a plethora of talented artists[...]