Skyward #3 Review: An Uncomfortable Opening but a Solid Comic Outside of That

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Willa has met Roger Barrow, a wealthy businessman and former associate of Willa's own father. He also saw G-Day coming and began working on provisions to keep human society afloat. He wants to know where Willa's father is, and, before long, Willa gleans that Roger's intentions are not pure. This leads to her running from Roger and his men back home to her father.

Skyward #3 cover by Lee Garbett
Skyward #3 cover by Lee Garbett

Things escalate rapidly in Skyward #3. The pacing feels a little off as a result. Sure, the reader knows Roger Barrow is the bad guy, but Willa doesn't immediately guess this. Roger wants to see Willa's dad, but she is the slightest bit hesitant. He immediately hauls off, freezes Willa's magnetic boots to the floor, and punches her in the frigging face.

It gets weirdly brutal very quickly. Roger keeps beating her too until she headbutts him back and can make an escape.

The rest of the comic is Willa's escape from the building. Skyward returns to its generally charming tone and content here. That opening wasn't particularly good, though. It showed that Roger Barrow isn't a particularly smart or forward-thinking antagonist, and it shows a weird readiness too show its barely-not-teenage protagonist brutally assaulted.

Skyward #3 art by Lee Garbett and Antonio Fabela
Skyward #3 art by Lee Garbett and Antonio Fabela

Lee Garbett's artwork continues to look good. There is a wordless prologue to the book made quite moody and effective thanks to Garbett's work. The beating scene is uncomfortable, but you can't put all of that on Garbett. The book looks good outside of it though. Antonio Fabela's color art sets the mood and atmosphere well throughout the book too.

Skyward #3 is the weakest issue thus far, but it's not outright bad. A shaky opening isn't enough to break this comic, and I can still easily recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett series already. Feel free to check it out.

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