Games Done Quick Releases The AGDQ 2020 List

Games Done Quick Suspends Speedrunner With "Feminazism" In Their Profile

Kotaku is reporting that speedrunner Luzbelheim has been suspended after it came to light that their Twitter bio included the word "feminazism" It all started with fellow speedrunner StebMcDreb posted a picture of his profile on Twitter and called them out for it as well as their right-wing political views tied to an endorsement of[...]

New Speedrun World Record Set For Portal in Any % Category

For one speedrunner, 2018 got to end on a high note as they have set a new world record for the first Portal game on Any % Can't Even is a name you might be familiar with if you follow records for this particular game, as the Ohio-based player holds a number of world records in[...]

Watch the Hardest Level in Battletoads Get Owned While Blindfolded

He is one of the most accomplished retro speedrunners on the planet, and he happened to be in Malmö, Sweden for the gaming fundraising event. Kusielczuk was challenged by a commentator to try and do Battletoads' Turbo Tunnel blindfolded, which he agreed to do Please enjoy the outrageous video below where he manages to run the[...]

Watch This Speedrunner Clear Hitman 2 in Less Than 4 Minutes

A speedrunner channel known as inkblowout loaded the video below last week where he takes full advantage of the save glitch found in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and uses it in the best way possible by crushing one of the longest soul-sucking menu games of the PS2 era by crushing the game's any percentage record in 3:22 minutes.Inkblowout looks[...]

A New Super Mario World Speed Record Trounces The Game In Under 60 Seconds

There have been plenty of speedrunners for Super Mario World on the SNES that do it in amazing fashion We especially love the one where the guy does it blindfolded with style points for finding a new way to kill Bowser that people don't think about But the latest record that has officially been recorded[...]

Watch The New World Record For The Blindfolded Super Mario World Speedrun

There's being great at speedrunning, there's being phenomenal at speedrunning, and then there's being a god at speedrunning. We officially bow down to the mighty greatness that is Katun24 on Twitch for the impressive feat you can watch below. First, it was already amazing to watch the secret to beating Super Mario World blindfolded once by […]


The 'Prey' Speed Records Are On The Verge Of Getting Ridiculous

Neither myself or anyone else is allowed to tell you how to play a game. But considering how many people are now trying to break speedrunning records for Prey with the game being less than a week old, we kinda have to question whether or not all of this is getting silly. Especially since the […]

Are You Still Speedrunning 'Wind Waker'? Someone Found A Trick That May Help

(Though we're not entirely sure why on the last one.) One of the hardest Zelda games to get a better record on has been The Wind Waker, but now it appears someone finally cracked one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of speedrunners since the game's inception.[caption id="attachment_635728" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Nintendo[/caption]There's a far[...]

Watch A Twitch Streamer Beat The 'Mario 64' World Record

A bit of a bittersweet victory that's worth watching if you got two hours. A Twitch streamer by the name of Cheese broke the Super Mario 64 speedrun challenge of completing the game with all 120 stars. That's already a pain in the ass thing to do if you're not speedrunning the game, so 14-year-old […]