Are You Still Speedrunning 'Wind Waker'? Someone Found A Trick That May Help

People have been speedrunning their favorite games for years, even when it's out of style. Everyone else may be obsessed with Breath Of The Wild, but there are diehards constantly trying to get the world record in Link To The Past, Ocarina Of Time and even Skyward Sword. (Though we're not entirely sure why on the last one.) One of the hardest Zelda games to get a better record on has been The Wind Waker, but now it appears someone finally cracked one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of speedrunners since the game's inception.


There's a far more detailed account on Console Deals of how to pull off the exact set of maneuvers you need, but the short version is that getting to Ganon is teased pretty early in the game and you can see where he is, but can't reach him because of an invisible barrier that surrounds Hyrule Castle. Well, someone figured out how to skip past the barrier and into the "forbidden zone" before you're ever allowed to. Watch this guy freak out when he gives it a shot and realizes what he just accomplished.

Now that the secret is out… Let's just say we're waiting for the new world record to come any day now.

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