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CONFIRMED: Another New Spider-Man Title Launching In May
They describe it as, Details to follow as this is a TOP SECRET Spider-man book and the last of the J Scott Campbell connecting covers from MIDTOWN COMICS in the USA. Our money is a David/Bianchi Spider-Man 2099 or an All-New Superior Spider-Man… Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen… Limited Edition Comix says we'll find out soon… [...]
An All New Spider-Man 2099 #1 With Simone Bianchi? (Superior Spider-Man Spoilers)
In today's Superior Spider-Man we get an inkling of what may be… a spinoff Spider-Man 2099 With the following premise… but who will work on it? Well, I'm told by Chris Rupps that in the Marvel Unlimited Plus panel, accessible only to members of the Marvel Unlimited Plus digital subscription plan, they announced a new Spider-Man[...]
A Possible Superior Spider-Man Spoiler?
A new status quo for Spider-Man 2099 that seems the set up for a spin-off series The trail to Doctor Octopus being uncovered by investigative reports And as for Peter Parker… There are spoilers ahead If you're planning to read the book, stop now, and come back later But if you're the kind of person who[...]
Spider-Man 2014 Is Getting Peter Parker Flashbacks, Spider-Man 2099 Is Full Of Holes
Superior Spider-Man #18 went on sale today, with various time twisting effects, including a future Tiberius Stone getting all Swiss-cheesed as his very future-survival is reliant on his past-survival. But, of course, so is Spider-Man 2099's existence And, in the next issue, looks like he's the one getting the Swiss cheese treatment And, if Octavius really[...]
Your First Look At Spider-Man 2099 In Superior Spider-Man #17
As Spider-Man 2099, he knows history He knows the history of Spider-Man He knows who Spider-Man really is right now. And thanks to a certain Age Of Ultron timequake, he's here… That's the thing about Miguel O'Hara As Spider-Man 2099, he knows history He knows the history of Spider-Man He knows who Spider-Man really is right[...]
Marvel Is Bringing Back Spider-Man 2099… Sometime
At the Marvel Amazing Spider-Man NYCC panel, when asked by a young fan why Marvel don't make Spider-Man 2099 comics anymore, to a roar of the crowd, Spider-Man Steve Wacker replied that they would do it for him That the fans do love a little Miguel And that "we don't know when and where", but[...]