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Life After Spider-Man 2099 With An Original Sin – Advance Reorder Chart

Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! Spider-Man […]

The Future Of The Superior Spider-Man

During C2E2, Bleeding Cool ran this image, flipped up during the Spider-Man panel, that seemed to show a future for Superior Spider-Man, the Doc Ock-possessed Spider-Man. After all, we had just seen the death of Octavius. How could there be any future?And that future did seem to resemble that of Marvel's 2099. How was that […]

Has Superior Spider-Man Taken A Trip To 2099? – C2E2

Spider-Man 2099 is currently part of the present-day Marvel Universe, and is getting his own series. At the Spider-Man panel today at C2E2, a brief glimpse of a Superior Spider-Man image was seen, grabbed by Newsarama. What might not have been noted, is that scene appears to be in the 2099 Unierse. Could, somehow the […]

Peter David Returns To Spider-Man 2099. All Official This Time.

Back in 2013, Bleeding Cool reported the news, from a restricted panel at New York Comic Con that it was announced that Simone Bianchi was doing a new Spider-Man 2099 series for Marvel Comics. And later that he may be accompanied by co-creator of the character, Peter David. No one else reported it. Peter David denied that […]

Spider-Man 2099 Gets His Own Series, Confirmed

At New York, during the Mavel Unlimited VIP panel, it was reported that the audience were told that a new Spider-Man 2099 series would be on the way from Peter David and Simone Bianchi. Well, not from Peter David, it seems. Bleeding Cool is speculating I'm doing a SM2099 book in May. If you want […]

CONFIRMED: Another New Spider-Man Title Launching In May

Over the weekend, we ran a story about New York's Midtown Comics listing for a J Scott Campbell variant for a comic described as "CLASSIFIED" scheduled for May. Well, British store Limited Edition Comix, who share exclusives with Midtown has confirmed its existence and gone a little further. They describe it as, Details to follow […]

An All New Spider-Man 2099 #1 With Simone Bianchi? (Superior Spider-Man Spoilers)

In today's Superior Spider-Man we get an inkling of what may be… a spinoff Spider-Man 2099. With the following premise… but who will work on it? Well, I'm told by Chris Rupps that in the Marvel Unlimited Plus panel, accessible only to members of the Marvel Unlimited Plus digital subscription plan, they announced a new […]

A Possible Superior Spider-Man Spoiler?

At New York Comic Con, Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott was insistent, repeatedly interrupting any questioner asking about Peter Parker with a loud "He's Dead!" to repeated amusement and an emerging response from questioners through the show, "I'm glad he's dead!" Ah, but is he? Today's Superior Spider-Man has a number of surprises. A new […]

Spider-Man 2014 Is Getting Peter Parker Flashbacks, Spider-Man 2099 Is Full Of Holes

Superior Spider-Man #18 went on sale today, with various time twisting effects, including a future Tiberius Stone getting all Swiss-cheesed as his very future-survival is reliant on his past-survival. But, of course, so is Spider-Man 2099's existence. And, in the next issue, looks like he's the one getting the Swiss cheese treatment. And, if Octavius […]

The New Marvel Rules Of Time Travel – Courtesy Of Battle Of The Atom (SPOILERS)

WARNING: There are spoilers today's for X-Men: Battle Of The Atom and All New X-Men below. Even a bit of Superior Spider-Man. You may want to read the comics first, then pop back. I would. Editor-In-Chief Mark Gruenwald established the rules first. Whenever anyone in the Marvel Universe travels back in time, they get shunted […]

Party Like It's 2099 – Tuesday Trending Topics

The only rumor I heard at Wizard World Chicago was about a sizable Golden Age comic collection surfacing in the Seattle area, but we'll talk about that some other time. Because Rich heard some more future-oriented rumors coming out of that show… Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: Mostly Marvel But A Little DC Rumour Spilling Out […]

Marvel Is Bringing Back Spider-Man 2099… Sometime

At the Marvel Amazing Spider-Man NYCC panel, when asked by a young fan why Marvel don't make Spider-Man 2099 comics anymore, to a roar of the crowd, Spider-Man Steve Wacker replied that they would do it for him. That the fans do love a little Miguel. And that "we don't know when and where", but […]