Grace Randolph's Stacktastic: The Redemption Of Jean Grey

[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; Maybe I DON'T hate Jean Grey, aka The Phoenix. Brian Michael Bendis has brought her back in All New X-Men and host Grace Randolph gives her review of the character in the first few issues of All New X-Men. How does it change things that young Jean Grey and not young […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic With Fred Seibert On Bravest Warriors And SuperF***ers

[youtube][/youtube] Think About The Ink presents: Cartoon Hangover is a hot new channel here on YouTube, featuring the hot new animated series Bravest Warriors and SuperF***ers. Host Grace Randolph sits down with Fred Seibert to talk about how he's working with Pendleton Ward to do another animated series after Adventure Time with Bravest Warriors, and […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Speedy And Jason Todd?

[youtube][/youtube] Think About The Ink reports; Young Justice Invasion (aka Young Justice Season 2) continues with episode 34, Satisfaction from Greg Weisman! Host Grace Randolph gives her review, including her thoughts on Speedy and Jason Todd being in Young Justice. And in this episode of Opinion Nation, you not only get a review of Young […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Talking Marvel NOW! And Batman Earth One

A little later this week, but all the yummier for it! [youtube][/youtube] Grace writes; Marvel Now! It's not a reboot but a relaunch! Marvel Now is the publisher's answer to the New 52 from DC Comics! Host Grace Randolph sorts out all the Marvel Now news and also gives you her thoughts on Uncanny Avengers […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Taking Apart The Bat Line

[youtube][/youtube] I always enjoy Grace's videos, but I'm really enjoying her use of text and graphics in this run down the new history and old history of Batman. Eyes and ears folks, eyes and ears! Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul, Thomas Wayne Jr – the Wayne Family Tree is suddenly flourishing! Host Grace Randolph asks […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – The Top Ten Superhero Teams!

[youtube][/youtube] The Top Ten Superhero Teams! Host Grace Randolph's original comic book from BOOM Studios, Supurbia #3, is hitting shelves today! To get you in the mood, she gives you her Top Ten List of Superhero Teams in comics! Find out where Birds of Prey, Watchmen, Fantastic Four, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Green Lantern […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Batman 101

[youtube][/youtube] The Dark Knight Rises, comics review! The Dark Knight Rises and the rest of Christopher Nolan has raised Batman's popularity to even new heights, so host Grace Randolph gives you a primer on how to experience the Dark Knight as he began, in the pages of DC Comics! Enhance your The Dark Knight Rises […]

Side Boob, Saga And Speech Balloons – Grace Randolph's Stacktastic!

[youtube][/youtube]Grace Randolph looks at comics news, comics past and comics yet to come, in this week's Stacktastic, as part of the Think About The Ink vblogs for Bleeding Cool Conan, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Journey Into Mystery, Batman And Robin.. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Would you dare? [...]

Stacktastic! by Grace Randolph – Calvin And Wolverine Think About The Ink

Grace Randolph looks at tomorrow's comics today with her new Think About The Ink - Stacktastic video blog, which Bleeding Cool is honoured to host.This week she talks us through Catwoman, Birds Of Prey, Wonder Woman, Fables, Fantastic Four, Generation Hope, Wolverine And The X-Men, X-Factor, Captain America And Bucky in hardcover, Life With Archie,[...]