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Steve Bissette on Selling Comics in a No-Longer-United States Of America
Steve Bissette is a comics writer, artist, editor, and publisher, best known for his work on Swamp Thing, publishing and editing Taboo, and creating Tyrant He's seen and done it all And he has also seen something coming down the tracks, changes to sales tax in the USA and how it is going to affect[...]
8 Pages Of Never-Before-Seen Puma Blues By Stephen Muphy And Michael Zulli
As well as a forward by Dave Sim, who originally published the comic and an afterword by Steve Bissette, it states that it includes a new story by Alan Moore. It's not new however, it's from the special benefit Puma Blues #20 But it is quite a rarity And gives us the excuse to run eight pages from the[...]
And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was
But, with Convergence giving us a blast from the past, here's a look at what once was… and the people who made it. Created by Jim Mooney, Jim Aparo, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Denys Cowan, P Craig Russell, Mart Nodell, Joe Staton, Dave Stevens, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jack Kirby, Mike Royer, Keith Giffen, Bret Blevins, Al Williamson, Michael[...]
When Don Simpson Was Offered An Image Comics Partnership
Megaton Man creator Don Simpson has been posting most entertainingly on Facebook about that project that never happened, the 1963 Annual, that would have topped off the Image Comics series by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch and more. To heck with the 1963 Annual — I'm just going to draw the "In Pictopia" Annual —[...]
Creators Of Constantine To Receive No Payment For The TV Option
Steve Bissette, co-creator of the John Constantine character, states that;" As of this morning, it appears there will be NO payment to the Constantine creators for this series. This option apparently rolled out of the already-paid-for option for the CONSTANTINE movie in the 1990s Thus, we'll only see $$ waaaay down the road, it appears, IF this[...]
Freebie Friday: Montague Terrace by Warren and Gary Pleece
[youtube][/youtube] Montague Terrace by Warren and Gary Pleece – from the Pump House exhibition, extracts on Act-I-Vate, the website and now, finally, in print. Steve Bissette's website Keep an eye out for his special offers… And Funko POP! Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen…   [youtube][/youtube] Montague Terrace by Warren and Gary Pleece – from the Pump House exhibition, extracts on[...]
Nancy A Collins Calls For A Boycott Of Dragon*Con Over Edward Kramer Charges
But now the cat's out of the bag (in large part due to Kramer's own decision to sue them for a larger share of the convention's profits) and there's no putting it back in. Steve Bissette adds; Now that there are public confirmations and articles vindicating Nancy and everything Nancy has been battling to warn folks about,[...]
We're Ready For Your Head Shot, Mr Bissette
With news that Swamp Thing: American Gothic may be getting the screen treatment by Del Toro, artist for  that run, Steve Bissette tweeted; If this happens… you're REALLY going to wish you took me up on this #FREESwampThingSketch offer: — Stephen R Bissette (@SRBissette) January 8, 2013 Which offer? This one. From now, Monday, January 6, until[...]
Steve Bissette Returns To Comics With Spongebob Squarepants
There's a headline I never thought I'd write. Horror comics writer and artist Steve Bissette has turned his back on Marvel or DC Or they have turned their back on him One of the two Whether co-creating much of what we love about Swamp Thing, self published the tale of a young dinosaur, Tyrant, or publsihing[...]
Get Your Free Neil Gaiman And Michael Zulli Sweeney Todd Comic Here
I got my copy with Taboo #6 in 1992, the horror anthology from Steve Bissette that would have serialised it But it never came to be. I have my copy autographed by Neil Gaiman It still resides on the shelf inside Taboo A story by Neil and Michael, wandering through the location that Sweeney Todd is[...]
Wednesday Runaround – Before Watchmen #3… Something Nasty Has Happened To Silhouette
Josh Adams really wants to buy it. DinoWatch: Steve Bissette creates a Tyrant In Slumberland print, the first Tyrant story I've seen in years… NoHoWatch: North Hollywood gets a new comic shop What could be hipper? Well, how about, in the not-too-distant future, taking home some comic books after your evening out? One KFE partnership is with Chatsworth-based[...]
James Sturm Boycotts Marvel Over The Avengers
As Stan Lee famously wrote, "With great power comes great responsibility." James Sturm cites the Steve Bissette post that seems to have been a turning point And writes; A boycott of The Avengers and other Marvel movies could conceivably strike a blow in the only place that truly hurts a corporation: its bottom line But I don't[...]
Steve Bissette Calls For Action Against Marvel Over Jack Kirby Case
Steve Bissette has been writing about the Jack Kirby Vs Marvel case and its wider implications, legally and morally And in doing so has called on a boycott for anyone buying work based on anything created or co-created by Jack Kirby at Marvel. So he's created a veritable manifesto for change, first on Facebook, then collated[...]
Monday Runaround – Thor Spoiled For All Who Hate Movies
WebWatch: Todd Allen's webcomic Division And Rush leaves the Chicago Tribune websites to set out on its own, talking about profane comments in an early episode that ware traced to a Tribune IP address… 1963Watch: Steve Bissette has pulled the plug on an Image revival of his 1963 characters, N-Man, Hypernaut, The Fury and Sky Solo… After[...]