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Marvel has teased a new Sorceror Supreme to take over the role after the Death of Doctor Strange… but could it be the same old Sorceror Supreme?! "Coming in March, the aftermath of DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE leads into a new ongoing series starring the new Sorcerer Supreme… Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more[...]
Batman #90 [Preview]
And while Batman took the top spot – it came damn close to being Strange Adventures… and there was a lot of 'Strange' in the top ten this week. Top ten bestselling comics of the week Batman #90 Strange Adventures #1 Marauders #9 Flash #750 Excalibur #8 Justice League #42 Strange Academy #1 Savage Avengers #11 Daredevil #19 Doctor Strange #4 Thanks to the following retailers… Dr[...]
The Final Thirteen Appearances Of The Strange Woman Of The DC Universe
Not the words of some serial killer, or a gangsta rapper, but my lovely wife, poring through today's comic books from DC, helping me look for appearances of Strange, the mysterious hooded women appearing in all the new 52 comics first issues First identified by Bleeding Cool, we've been following her Easter Egg journey ever[...]
Twelve More Appearances Of The New 52 Strange Woman In This Week's DC Comics
Another week, another look at all the appearances of Strange as we're calling her, the hooded purple woman with the face marks and the claws… comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London – who have a Rebekah Isaacs signing this Saturday, a new exhibition of cartoonist self portraits and a podcast on this week's new[...]
Where Else Will We Find The Strange Woman Of The New 52?
So Bleeding Cool has been noting and looking out for appearances of The Strange Woman who first appeared in Flashpoint #5, through the new DC relaunch titles But does her influence go further back? Weve been looking through the our back issues… Superman #75 was a big moment for DC and one of their biggest icons[...]
52 Appearances Of The Strange Woman From Flashpoint #5?
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool pointed out that the strange woman from the Flashpoint #5 double page spread in a purple hood with markings over it, also appeared in the football crowd watching Vic in Justice League #1. Well, that's not the only place she appears Here's a preview page from Animal Man #1 Did you catch her[...]
The Justice League/Flashpoint Crossover Everybody Missed
Isn't that strange? By now both Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 have been pored over by hundreds of thousands of eyes But did we all miss something? Take this scene from Justice League #1 written by Geoff Johns. Who's that in the corner? Let's have a close up.  [...]