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Blade Of The Immortal Gets A Red Band Trailer

This movie looks to be trying to maintain the high-octane vibes of classical martial arts films with a touch of good humor and camp.Even more interesting is the fact that this is director Takashi Miike's 100th film, which is a work ethic even freaking film machine Robert Rodriguez doesn't have.Sorry, I can't stop name-dropping exploitation film directors. Dario Argento. Nicholas Winding[...]

Takashi Miike To Direct Blade Of The Immortal

Japanese website Comic Natalie (via Anime News Network) reports Takashi Miike will helm a live action adaptation of Blade of the Immortal It is scheduled for release in 2017.Based on the manga by Hiroaki Samura, the film will follow Manji, a ronin cursed with immortality He also acts as bodyguard to a young woman who[...]

English Language Remake Of Japanese Horror Audition In The Works

I guess everyone's forgotten about Oldboy already.Deadline reports an American version of Audition, the Ryu Murakami book that became a cult classic film by Takashi Miike, is coming.The new version will be directed by Richard Gray, and aside from changing all the Japanese names to Western ones, the plot will remain about the same: A[...]

First Teaser For Takashi Miike's Live Action Adaptation Of Mogura no Uta

Based on a manga by Noboru Takahashi, Mogura no Uta, the latest film from Takashi Miike, looks lurid, frenetic and a lot of fun.A new teaser was posted on the film's official website - as spotted by Nippon Cinema - and you can watch it in high quality there If you'd rather watch it on[...]

Trailer For Manga Adaptation Arcana Features Criminal Investigations, Ghosts And An Upbeat Pop Song

The official website for Yoshitaka Yamaguchi’s live-action adaptation of the manga Arcana has just been updated with a new trailer and whilst it looks somewhat derivative in content it's also looks rather imaginative in style.The update to the website was spotted by Nippon Cinema, who also reposted the trailer.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh0rB1Nb7sc[/youtube]That song does seem to come out of[...]

Full Trailer For Takashi Miike's Psycho Teacher Movie, Lesson Of The Evil

In fact, he's a flat-out psycopath.So it goes with Takashi Miike's next, Lesson of the Evil And by next, I mean next to be released in Japan We're still at least two pictures behind in the West - his Phoenix Wright movie and For Love's Sake, a high school gang musical.So, I'm a little behind[...]

Takashi Miike To Make American Serial Killer Film, In 3D?

The forever prolific and recently creatively reinvigorated Takashi Miike is being sought to direct House of the Damned 3D, a Louisiana-set horror film with what sounds like a "body count" set-up Here's the plot blurb: Five friends band together to save the historic part of their town and inadvertently become targets of a serial killer after[...]

Phoenix Wright Poster, Trailer And TV Spot

Here's a mini-poster for Takashi Miike's Phoenix Wright film, or Gyakuten Saiban to its mother.The hand there belongs, I believe, to a blogger from Andriasang in too much of a hurry to find a scanner.I like the screen device they're using in the film, and seeing it smashed on the poster is a nice nod[...]

Footage From Takashi Miike's Phoenix Wright Film Looks Superb

As a long time fan of the Phoenix Wright videogames, and a renewed fan of director Takashi Miike, I'm looking forward to the big screen adaptation a great deal If this is made with one half of the care shown in 13 Assassins, and if there's just a taste of the game's loopy, high-energy gusto,[...]

First Trailer For Takashi Miike's Hara-Kiri

In competition at this years Cannes, and in 3D too, is Takashi Miike's do-over of Hara-Kiri,* based upon a 1962 picture by Masaki Kobayashi.The film's official site has been updated with a brief, but compelling, teaser trailer This embed comes courtest of Nippon Cinema.It looks, for better or worse, much as you'd expect it to[...]

Cannes 2011: Programme Unveiled

This year, the official competition at Cannes will see its first 3D entry, Takashi Miike's Harikiri That's just one of the many surprises in what looks like a very exciting line up of films.Presiding over the selection juries this year will be Robert De Niro (feature films), Michel Gondry (shorts), Emir Kusturica (Un Certain Regard)[...]

Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins Gets A US Trailer, Hits VOD Today

Reputed to be one of Takashi Miike's best, 13 Assassins is headed to UK and US cinemas in the next month or so Can't wait, looking forward to it, gonna be good, etc If you live in the US have one of the compliant VOD services, you can even see the film today - though[...]