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John Stamos Likes Cutting On Random Patients
It looks like John Stamos and Taylor Lautner will be interacting a lot in the second season of Scream Queens When the show returns the cast moves from the sorority to the hospital as Jamie Lee Curtis' character now runs one that focuses on curing the incurable Best line though may be from Stamos who[...]
SDCC Video: Grace Randolph Talks To The Cast Of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
Here, the busiest video journalist at the show talks to Mackenzie Foy aka Renesmee, Kristen Stewart aka Vampire Bella, Robert Pattinson aka Edward, and Taylor Lautner aka Jacob about Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7z-6wUfHVE[/youtube] Judging by the pace this video is coming in, I think there must be multiple Grace Randolphs interviewing people at[...]
Taylor Lautner Is The Hottest Thing On Two Wheels
Tracers comes from the producers of Twilight and Dear John, and will feature Taylor Lautner in the lead role. New York City bicycle messenger, Cam (Lautner) is the hottest thing on two wheels, but is in debt to an organized crime gang. Hottest thing on two wheels? Lautner has quite a few giants to topple in order to[...]
Taylor Lautner To Star In Future Prison Fantasy Incarceron
Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: Fresh from the latest Twilight movie, Taylor Lautner has signed on to star in another film designed to appeal to his appreciative young female audience Deadline has announced Lautner's attachment to Incarceron, an adaptation of Catherine Fisher's novel for young people which is being produced by Wolverine's team of Hugh[...]