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Six Major Raleigh 2019: Semifinals Results

Six Major Raleigh 2019: Grand Finals – Team Empire vs. G2 Esports

First, the Russian-based Team Empire coming back for revenge against the dominant European team who has won multiple championships in G2 Esports.[caption id="attachment_1074522" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Ubisoft[/caption]Grand Finals: Team Empire vs G2 EsportsThe first map took us to Border with Capitao, Mira, Nomad, and Echo all banned G2 drew first blood, but Empire fired back to[...]

Six Major Raleigh 2019: Semifinals Results

Six Major Raleigh 2019: Saturday Semifinals Results

Team EmpireGame one had us start off at the Bank with Capitao, Mira, Jackal, and Echo all banned from play Empire started off strong with a couple of wins right off the bat for both offense and defense Secret came back for a defensive win but then got slammed for three more losses bringing it[...]

Six Invitational 2019 – Grand Finals: Team Empire vs. G2 Esports

We're in the finals today as the returning champions in European favorites G2 Esports facing off against a relative newcomer to the finals in Russian-based Team Empire.We kicked things off on the Coastline, and right off the bat Empire showed an impressive defense, not losing a single player for the 1-0 lead G2 responded quickly[...]

Six Invitational 2019 – Semifinals: PET Nora-Rengo vs. Team Empire

We kick things off with two teams who haven't been to the semifinals before as we watch the Japanese team of PET Nora-Rengo face-off against the Russian group of Team Empire, with two of the best logos you'll see this tournament.We kicked things off in the Consulate as both teams traded defense victories to start[...]

Six Invitational 2019 – Quarterfinals: Team Empire vs. Team Liquid

We move onto the second match of the quarterfinals this afternoon with Team Empire squaring off against Team Liquid.The first round took us to the Coastline for a little siege action It was evenly matched at the start with each team picking up a win for a 1-1 tie But then, Liquid immediately steamrolled them[...]