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The Soldier character from Valve's Team Fortress 2 standing in a victory pose.
Rick May, the voice actor behind one of Team Fortress 2's most iconic characters and Star Fox 64's Peppy Hare has passed away after being infected by the novel coronavirus. The Seattle-based Rekindle School in Washington reported the tragic news on Monday afternoon May had reportedly suffered a stroke in February and had subsequently been placed[...]
Team Fortress 2 YouTuber Returns After Faking His Own Death
Well-known Team Fortress 2 YouTuber Sketchek returned to his channel on Thursday after faking his death three years ago Sketchek claimed in a 2015 farewell video that he had a problem with his central nervous system and was "very ill." He went on to say that he could no longer afford to run his YouTube channel and that[...]
Funko Valve Pop Portal 2 P Body
Portal and Team Fortress 2 are some of the most popular games of all time; and they're Valve franchises that fans have been wanting Funko to get their hands on for quite a while now In news that is sure to excite them, their long wait is over sooner than you might think: In celebration of[...]
Avengers, Power Rangers, Team Fortress 2, Bravest Warriors, Rick And Morty Unite For Loot Crate In May
The theme of the next Loot Crate the big daddy of collector subscription boxes has been revealed as "Unite". May will bring stuff from Avengers, Power Rangers, Team Fortress 2, Bravest Warriors, Rick and Morty and more, and an exclusive licensed t-shirt. Could a comic book be hiding in there somewhere? Oni Press' Rick & Morty? Boom's Bravest Warriors? Marvel's Avengers? I guess we'll[...]