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Josh Hoopes: Hes Not The Messiah Hes A Very Naughty Boy

Josh Hoopes: He's Not The Messiah He's A Very Naughty Boy

Federico received no money, Joe received none of Federico's art, least of all from Art Adams, and Josh ran off with the cash.In other Hoopes-related news, it seems he attempted to scam Rod Hannah out of over $600 as "Ron Runstrom" using Robbi Rodriguez's Tek Jensen samples as previously reported, back in April During which[...]

Josh Hoopes Scam Artist Returns This Time Using Stephen Colbert

Josh Hoopes Scam Artist Returns, This Time Using Stephen Colbert

Would $100 a page be acceptable? For a 22 page monthly comic?I saw your Tek Jensen work and was very impressed, as the project is in a similar vein Did you meet Stephen Colbert? Would he really cite one of the world's leading satirists? Yes thats who my inspiriation is and 100 a page is fine Is[...]