the canyons

Exploring The Hellish Depths Of The Canyons – And Liking It: Adi Tantimedh's Look! It Moves!

Adi Tantimedh writes;I was originally thinking about writing about how the news of the next Doctor Who has become a worldwide pop culture event, but instead got sidetracked when I watched The Canyons.Here’s the surprise: I think it’s a good movie Well worth seeing...[youtube][/youtube]We’ve talked about The Canyons before: it was the first high-profile Kickstarter[...]

New Images From The Canyons With Lindsay Lohan And James Deen

The Canyons is set to be released on VOD and in some American cinemas on the 2nd of August before expanding a little wider one week later. Between now and then, though, it will need to first wade through a tar pit of bad publicity from a people who haven't even see the film.With national newspapers[...]

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Three Films From the Fringe

Here are three movies from the fringe that caught my attention.The Canyons[youtube][/youtube]I was reading the New York Times story about Paul Schrader trying to direct Lindsay Lohan on his new low-budget movie The Canyons I’d been keeping an ear out on this project since its Kickstarter was launched, where Paul Schrader and Brett Easton Ellis[...]