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The Big Reveal Of The Massive #29 – As Explained By Brian Wood
The Massive is a 30-issue series leading up to a very specific reveal, and today we're going to be talking about this reveal. I wanted to write a few words about these last three issues I'm pretty proud not only of the comic we've* all worked hard to produce, but also proud of the fact we've[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Edge Of Spider-Verse, Roche Limit, Butterfly, Aliens And More
Joe (2014) #1 21:55 A Voice In The Dark: Get Your Gun #1 23:12 Butterfly #1 24:38 Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 32:21 Saga #23 33:34 The Massive #27 34:46 Wayward #2 36:28 Rachel Rising #28 37:46 Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #4 39:11 Storm #3 Contact Links: Site – Digital Store –… Facebook –… Twitter – MP3 of this video –… [...]
The Big Two Vs. Creator Owned Comics – Brian Wood at Baltimore Comic Con
Wood's interest in Vikings became more "adult oriented" after conceiving of the series, "looking past the stereotypes" behind Viking life. When Wood started work on The Massive, an ongoing series from Dark Horse, he left DC, and the "comforts of exclusive deal" This caused him a lot of anxiety because it was a "sudden departure" and[...]
The Massive Awakes
Where so much of DMZ was about Matty struggling to maintain journalistic distance and eventually realizing he couldn't, The Massive has no illusions of neutrality Instead, this is a story about an unusually well-equipped direct action group, trying to find their way in a world where there are no people to take direct action against[...]