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PrintWatch: Stray Dogs and The Rising
Romero and Diego Yapur's zombie comic The Rise gets a second printing of its first issue from Heavy Metal Magazine Being the son of George A Romero carries some cache it seems… PrintWatch: The Rise THE RISE #1 (OF 6) 2ND PTG HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE (W) George C Romero (A/CA) Diego Yapur By popular demand, Heavy Metal presents a second[...]
The Rise – In Three Words: Future Ninja Counterterrorism
Matt Wahlquist writes for Bleeding Cool If I had to describe my new comic book series, The RISE, in 3 words, that's what they'd be. I can think of some more though: ACTION POLITICAL INTRIGUE MYSTERY And did I mention ACTION? The RISE Issue #1 is a thrill-fueled first step into the world of the near future, where[...]