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Friday Trending Topics: Hobbits, Supergods, And The Mighty

But these promo-puzzles, both real and accidental, are fun, and have been pretty successful in recent times, so let's hope the pubs start upping the ante with something really, really tough. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: We Know Who The Worthy Are Now… Who Are The Mighty? Great So we all know who The Worthy are in Marvel’s[...]

We Know Who The Worthy Are. Now… Who Are The Mighty?

So we all know who The Worthy are in Marvel's Fear Itself Well, now we have to work out who The Mighty are as well Presumably Marvel heroes turned by Asgardian magic to battle them or somesuch There are some obvious Tron-castoff silhouettes, with the likes of Hawkeye, Wolverine and the like, but there's bound[...]

The Worthy Revealed #2 (Fear Itself SPOILERS)

Marvel asked Who Are The Worthy? Well, since they put it so nicely...Today Bleeding Cool will be showing a few images featuring The Worthy , characters turned into subjects of Skadi and the Fear God in Marvel's Fear Itself series that are rather good at revealing who [...]

Who Are The Worthy?

The Worthy, the avatars of the Serpent, of rage and destruction And they've all got hammers.So is that.. Juggernaut? Skaar? Penance? And could Colossus be inside the Juggernaut suit as teased elsewhere? Fresh from the pages of this week's Marvel comics titles.. a look at some of the bad guys from Fear Itself[...]