A Techie Explains Just What Happened With San Diego Comic Con 2011 Ticket Sales (Or Lack Of)

After the song… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvcL-oBXOFs[/youtube] After the mad rush… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uTQVomQIXI[/youtube] After the other song… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0y-eywao44[/youtube] …Keith Fitzgerald, VP Engineering at Ticket Leap explains just what the hell happened on Saturday when people tried (and failed) to buy tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2011. Saturday, February 5th we experienced an unprecedented level of ticket demand for […]

Chris Stanchak, CEO Of TicketLeap, Apologises And Explains

The man behind the frog explains; Yesterday our platform experienced capacity issues for a 4 hour period. During this time, most functionality was either slow or unavailable. We are very sorry for the frustration and problems this caused our users. We know how critical TicketLeap is to you and no amount of unplanned downtime is […]

33,000,000 Hits In One Day

When San Diego Comic Con sold a thousand tickets online in a test last December, they received half a million hits as people tried desperately to buy tickets. Yesterday, they got thirty three million hits. And that is the reason that TicketLeap were unable to cope. Despite having the ability to increase servers based on […]

Missed Your Tickets? Get Your Free FailFrog Button

And now Friday and Saturday tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2011 have officially sold out too, James Sime of Isotope Comics is giving Bleeding Cool readers who failed to get their San Diego tickets a slight glimmer of light. Your own free FailFrog button to celebrate the failure of geekness infused with technology. Just […]

The Day San Diego Comic Con Brought TicketLeap To Its Knees (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Get past the green screen of death and it looks like the Junior 4 Day Pass may be about to sell out… "Why don't you use a proper ticketing company" was the cry after San Diego Comic Con had failed to sell tickets for the third time, as their site kept crashing. Expense was […]

SDCC Tickets Part 4: Chaos After 30 Minutes?

Just minutes after SDCC Ticket Purchases opened for the fourth time — after 2 high-profile, server melting failures, and a limited test run that was supposed to pave the way for success today, twitter errupted with countless angry #sdcc-tagged messages of yet more initial problems — while the company processing the transactions, Ticketleap, says that […]