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Leeanne M. Krecic's Let's Play Webtoon Comic Now Live-Action TV Show
Krecic and former Webtoon EIC, Tom Akel who, as Akel Entertainment, acts as Leeanne's agent. Speculators, this is probably the link you want, followed by this. Leeanne M Krecic's Let's Play Leeanne M Krecic says "I created Let's Play because I was looking for characters like me – die-hard gamers, heartfelt romantics, and young women with dreams of success[...]
The Daily LITG, 21st November 2019 - Happy Birthday
– TS Eliot The 10 most-read stories yesterday Nightwing #66 Spoilers – Ric Grayson No More How Did Bruce Wayne Kill Alfred Pennyworth? Batman #83 Spoilers Comic Store In Your Future, All-Hail New Overlord of Marvel Comics Kevin Feige "Dead By Daylight" Shows Off New Killer With The Oni Is Wally West Going to Sit Down on Brainiac Then? Justice League[...]