Ande Parks On Westerns The Lone Ranger And What Readers Want Today

Ande Parks On Westerns, The Lone Ranger And What Readers Want Today

I had dug into the Zorro character, but was lagging on The Lone Ranger and Tonto So… I dug in, big-time I read the entire Brett Matthews/Sergio Cariello/John Cassaday run from Dynamite I sought out some old TV shows, radio shows and comics I got into the characters as much and as quickly as I[...]

Taking Tonto Out Of The Lone Ranger And Tonto

Taking Tonto Out Of "The Lone Ranger And Tonto"

As far as Lone Ranger stories go, it was a solid first issue for writer Ande Parks, boiling down the basics of the character in a minimal amount of space – not too much for the people that know who he is and not too little for those without a clue – and the artwork[...]