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ComiXology GlitchWatch: All-New Ultimates #1 And TPB Vol #1
But now that Amazon owns ComiXology, maybe it will become more common? All-New Ultimates TPB Vol 1 is listed on ComiXology at the rather low price of $1.99 or £1.49 A promotional price? Possibly. But then when All-New Ultimates #1 is listed at £7.49 or $11.99 you think that maybe, just maybe, someone may have got the[...]
50 Comic Collections On Your Bookshelf Worth Over $100
Just the plain old ordinary comic book collections you could have picked up in your comic shop over the last few years that are, for some reason, out of print and are now burning a hole in your bookshelf… Some recent eBay sales, spurred in part by the current Secret Wars crossover, the upcoming Infinity Gauntlet[...]
Batman And The Old 52 Selling A Storm At Rhode Island
Old Batman, that is… -I had half a dozen people looking for OOP Dixon Nightwing trades. -almost as many were looking for Baman: Contagion and Cataclysm, the two events leading into No Man's Land (which DC is rereleasing) -a couple of people looking for Knightquest: the Search because of DC leaving leaving it out of the Knightquest TPB -Sold[...]
Jack Of All Trades by Dave Wallace – Infinitely Comprehensive
And the same goes for the forthcoming Absolute Sinestro Corps volume, which has apparently chosen to collect some–but not all–of the standalone character-focused one-shot tie-in issues alongside the main series, despite purporting to be the ultimate version of the storyline. Ultimately, in cases like this, it's up to the reader to decide what they feel is[...]
Jack Of All Trades #3 By Dave Wallace: Get With The Program
(To pluck an example from the top of my head, fans who have tradewaited Ed Brubaker's Captain America have had to deal with Marvel putting out "premiere" hardcovers for certain arcs before switching to straight TPBs for others, only to go back to hardcovers for later storylines).    And DC is even more unpredictable: not[...]