Retailers Get Massive Discounts On Marvel Collections As Stock Gets Liquidated Ahead Of Christmas

51KoFsrX0zL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Diamond Comic Distrubutors and Marvel Comics are giving retailers massive discounts on the following collections, anywhere from an 80% to a 50% reduction on the already discounted prices that comic stores pay.

What that means is that a) stores may have some very nice prices on these books soon b) if they don't you may be in a good position to haggle and c) these books are all about to go out of print very very soon.

So if you want them, the next coupld of weeks would be a very good time to buy them. The Visionary volumes are a must!

Anita Blake Vh Guilty Pleasures HC Vol 02
Age Of Heroes TPB, Agents Of Atlas Turf Wars Prem HC
Agents Of Atlas Vs Prem HC Avengers Cover,
Alias Ultimate Collection TPB Book 02
Anita Blake Prem HC Book 1 Lc Animator
Anita Blake Prem HC Book 2 Lc Necromancer
Anita Blake Prem HC Book 3 Lc Executioner (MR)
Anita Blake Vh Guilty Pleasures HC Vol 01
Anita Blake Vh TPB Lc Book 1 Animator (MR),
Anita Blake Vh TPB Lc Book 2 Necromancer (MR),
Anita Blake Vh TPB Lc Book 3 Executioner (MR),
Astonishing Thor HC,
Astonishing X-men Gifted Gn HC W/motion Comic Dvd,
Astonishing X-men Exogenetic Prem HC,
Atlas TPB Marvel Boy,
Atlas TPB Return Of Three Dimensional Man,
Avengers Academy Prem HC Vol 2 Real World,
Avengers Initiative Prem HC Dreams & Nightmares,
Avengers Initiative Prem HC Vol 3 Secret Invasion,
Avengers Initiative TPB Dreams And Nightmares,
Avengers Initiative TPB Vol 3 Secret Invasion,
Avengers Initiative TPB Vol 4 Disassembled,
Avengers Origin HC,
Avengers Prem HC First To Last,
Avengers West Coast Avengers Assemble Prem HC,
Avengers World Trust Prem HC, ,false
Black Panther Power TPB,
Cable Classic TPB Vol 02,
Cable TPB Vol 2 Waiting For The End Of The World,
Cable TPB Vol 3 Stranded,
Captain America Corps TPB,
Captain America Man & Wolf TPB,
Captain America TPB Chosen,
Captain America Forever Allies TPB,
Captain America Patriot TPB,
Captain America Theater Of War HC,
Clandestine Prem HC Blood Relative,
Counter X TPB Vol 1 X-force (may082375),
Counter X TPB Vol 03,
Daredevil Reborn Prem HC,
Daredevil TPB Cruel Unusual,
Dark Reign Fantastic Four TPB,
Dark Reign Hood TPB,
Dark Reign Skrull Kill Krew TPB,
Dark Reign Underside TPB,
Darkstar And Winter Guard TPB,
Destroyer TPB (MR),
Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of Supernatural TPB,
Dominic Fortune It Can Happen Here And Now TPB (MR)
Enders Game Formic Wars Burning Earth Prem HC Dm Var Ed
Eternals By Jack Kirby TPB Book 02
Excalibur Classic TPB Vol 05
Excalibur Visionaries Warren Ellis TPB Vol 02
Excalibur Visionaries Warren Ellis TPB Vol 03
Fantastic Four Visionaries Walt Simonson TPB Vol 02
Fantastic Four Visionaries Walt Simonson TPB Vol 03
Gorilla Man TPB
Heralds TPB
Hercules TPB Twilight Of A God,
Heroic Age TPB
Hit-Monkey TPB Year Of Monkey
Hulk Prem HC Vol 5 Fall Of Hulks
Hulk Son Of Hulk HC Dark Son Rising,
Hulk Visionaries John Byrne TPB Vol 01,
Hulk Visionaries Peter David TPB Vol 07,
Hulk Prem HC Vol 6 World War Hulks,
Hulk Wwh TPB Incredible Herc
Incredible Hercules HC Sacred Invasion,
Incredible Hercules TPB Against The World,
Incredible Hercules TPB Assault On New Olympus,
Incredible Hercules TPB Dark Reign,
Incredible Hercules TPB New Prince Of Power,
Incredible Hulk Prem HC Vol 3 World War Hulks,
Incredible Hulk TPB Vol 2 Fall Of The Hulks,
Invaders Classic TPB Vol 03,
Iron Man I Am Iron Man TPB,
Iron Man Prem HC Legacy Of Doom,
Iron Man TPB Haunted
Iron Man TPB Legacy Of Doom
Iron Man TPB Many Armors Of Iron Man,
Iron Man TPB The Dragon Seed Saga,
Iron Man War Of Iron Men Prem HC,
Ka-zar TPB Burning Season,
Lockjaw & Pet Avengers Unleashed HC
Marvel Adventures Black Widow & Avengers TPB Digest
Marvel Adventures TPB Thor Bringers Of Storm Digest
Marvel Divas TPB
Marvel Universe Vs Punisher HC,
Marvel Zombies 4 HC
Marvel Zombies 3 HC
Marvel Zombies 5 HC
Marvel Zombies Covers HC
Marvelman Classic Prem HC Vol 03
Marvelman Familys Finest Prem HC
Marvelman Familys Finest Prem HC Anglo Dm Var
Mighty Avengers TPB Vol 4 Secret Invasion Book 02
Models Inc Gn TPB
Moon Knight TPB Vol 2 Midnight Sun,
Moon Knight TPB Vol 3 God & Country,
Moon Knight TPB Vol 5 Down South,
Ms Marvel TPB Vol 5 Secret Invasion,
New Avengers HC Vol 02
New Avengers HC Vol 9 Secret Invasion,
New Avengers Luke Cage TPB Town Without Pity
New Avengers Prem HC Vol 8 Secret Invasion Book 1,
New Mutants Classic TPB Vol 04
New Warriors Classic TPB Vol 01
New Warriors Classic TPB Vol 02,
Nomad Girl Without A World TPB Gn,
One Month To Live Prem HC,
Onslaught Reborn HC,
Paradise X TPB Vol 01,
Power Pack Classic TPB Vol 02,
Punisher War Journal TPB Vol 2 Goin Out West
Punisher War Journal TPB Vol 04
Punisher War Journal TPB Vol 5 Secret Invasion
Punishermax Prem HC Frank
Rawhide Kid TPB Sensational Seven
Runaways Rock Zombies TPB,
Secret Invasion TPB Captain Marvel
Secret Invasion TPB Front Line
Secret Invasion TPB Home Invasion
Secret Invasion TPB Incredible Hercules
Secret Invasion TPB Infiltration
Secret Invasion TPB Who Do You Trust
Secret Warriors Prem HC Vol 5 Night
Secret Warriors TPB Vol 3 Wake Beast
Shadowland Moon Knight TPB
Shadowland Prem HC Moon Knight
She-hulks TPB Hunt For Intelligencia
Siege Battlefield Prem HC
Siege Embedded Prem HC
Siege Thor Prem HC
Siege Thunderbolts Prem HC
Spectacular Spider-Girl TPB Who Killed Gwen Reilly
Spider-Girl TPB Vol 12 Games Villains Play Digest,
Spider-Man Am I An Avenger TPB,
Star Comics TPB All-star Collection Gn Vol 02
Star Comics TPB All-star Collection Gn Vol 03
Starr Slayer TPB A Starr Is Born,
Sub-Mariner TPB Depths
Super Hero Squad TPB Vol 1 Get Yer Hero On Digest
Supreme Power Hyperion TPB
Supreme Power Prem HC Hyperion
Supreme Power Prem HC Nighthawk
Supreme Power TPB High Command (MR)
Supreme Power TPB Nighthawk (MR)
Terror Inc TPB Apocalypse Soon (MR)
Thunderbolts TPB Burning Down The House
Torch TPB
Ultimate Comics X Origins Prem HC
Ultimatum TPB March On Ultimatum,
Ultimatum X-men Fantastic Four TPB,
Uncanny X-men Manifest Destiny TPB
War Is Hell First Flight Phantom Eagle TPB (MR)
Warriors Three HC Dog Day Afternoon
White Tiger Heroes Compulsion TPB
Wolverine Hercules Myths Monsters And Mutants TPB
Wolverine Weapon X Prem HC Vol 2 Insane In The Brain
X-Campus TPB,
X-Factor TPB Vol 4 Heart Of Ice
X-Factor TPB Vol 6 Secret Invasion,
X-Factor Visionaries Peter David TPB Vol 04,
X-Factor Second Coming Prem HC,
X-Men Forever 2 TPB Vol 2 Scream A Little Scream,
X-Men Forever 2 TPB Vol 3 Perfect World,
X-Men Forever TPB Vol 4 Devil In A White Dress,
X-Men Legacy Prem HC Emplate,
X-Men Legacy TPB Divided He Stands,
X-Men Legacy TPB Salvage,
X-Men Second Coming Revelations HC,
X-Men Sword TPB No Time To Breathe,
X-Men Prelude To Schism Prem HC,
Young Marvelman Classic Prem HC Vol 01,

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