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No Marvel Previews This Week? What Are They Hiding?

Marvel Studios Exec Victoria Alonso Targeted by Impersonator

Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso is the latest high-profile Hollywood executive to be targeted by a con-artist known as the Con Queen of Hollywood, who is the target of an investigation by the FBI for financial fraud related to impersonating the executives According to a report from THR, Alonso was the subject of the Con[...]

Who Were The Three Musketeers Behind The Marvel Studios Disney Coup?

Bleeding Cool has already reported on the coup at Marvel Studios that saw Kevin Feige take the film making side of Marvel away from the influence of the comic book publisher which birthed it, creating a Feige Island that reports directly to Disney instead.We are still waiting to see the effects of this, if any,[...]

Marvel Promotes VFX Chief Victoria Alonso To Executive Vice President, Physical Production

Variety reports that Marvel Studios' visual effects executive vice president, Victoria Alonso, has been promoted to executive vice president of physical production In her new role, she will be responsible for "all physical production, post-production and production technical operations" at Marvel Studios The site also notes Alonso is one of the few women to ever[...]

Rocket Raccoon Is Getting Rotomated

Seems that I was very wrong.Speaking to Cinema Blend, with thanks to Hit Fix for the tip, Marvel Movieverse VFX producer Victoria Alonso explained that ILM were already working out how to bring Rocket and Groot alive for Guardians of the Galaxy. You can’t do any motion capture with a raccoon – they won’t let you[...]

Marvel Planning To Polish Up Edgar Wright's Ant Man Footage And Release It

Ask me to place a bet just yesterday, however, and I would have said that we'd be waiting for the eventual Ant Man Blu-ray.What has changed in the interim?Just a few words from Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso, speaking with Omelete:What we showed at Comic-Con was a still unfinished video and we are working to finalize it[...]