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Andrea Mutti's new series from Scout Comics, Vlad Dracul, has been burning through those print runs, leading Scout Comics to send the first two issues back to the printers, for second prints of issues #1 and #2 Issue 3 is out tomorrow… could something similar happen to that as well? Andrea Mutti's Vlad Dracul Gets Second[...]
Vlad Dracul #1 Review:
It takes a bold creative team to look at all of that and go, "Yeah, I have a story to tell about that guy." That's precisely what writer Matteo Strukul and artist Andrea Mutti did with Scout Comics' Vlad Dracul #1 Does their tale stand out from the crowd? Vlad Dracul #1 cover, as Strukul and Mutti set out to[...]
Yasmeen #1 and Vlad Dracul #1 Debut Next Week From Scout Comics
Scout Comics will release Yasmeen #1 and Vlad Dracul #1 on Wednesday, July 22nd, along with two other titles We at Bleeding Cool have been following the lead-up to these launches, so let's take a look at Scout's tweets and look a little deeper into the upcoming titles. Yasmeen #1 cover Credit: Scout Comics. Scout tweeted, shouting out writer[...]