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Twednesday Comics – Net Reaction To The Saviour Of Superhero Comics
So what's the lay of the land regarding sales of DC's bold new Wednesday Comics format Well, stores that ordered conservatively sold out in seconds, thanks to media publicity and the fact that it's just too gorgeous, while those who ordered exuberently still have some left Hopefully the two will come together and do swapsies. Until[...]
A UK Solution To Wednesday Comics
Recently, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the upcoming Wednesday Comics series from DC, spotlighting its cover and deliberately misunderstanding the listing for Strange Adventures Pope, though Hawkman Baker also has a similar appeal. But what if you are a UK retailer, who only gets your comics for sale on Thursday? Might your customers get confused?[...]
Wednesday Comics – A Catholic Conspiracy?
Just wanted to take the chance to show the Wednesday Comics #1 cover again, as first shown on DC Blog, The Source and not licked up by enough people for my liking.  It folds over, so that the left hand side becomes the back cover and the right hand side becomes the front Click to[...]