Twednesday Comics – Net Reaction To The Saviour Of Superhero Comics

So what's the lay of the land regarding sales of DC's bold new Wednesday Comics format. Well, stores that ordered conservatively sold out in seconds, thanks to media publicity and the fact that it's just too gorgeous, while those who ordered exuberently still have some left. Hopefully the two will come together and do swapsies.

Until then, here's a selection of Twits on the topic.

jameslucasjones This is what newsprint actually looks like, people.

themuckshow My comic store is all soldout of Wednesday Comics! Told them to order more!!!!!!

thatpetewoods: Everyone buy an extra copy of Wednesday Comics and leave it on the bus, train, or at dentists. Spread the joy

seanyx impressed with DCs Wednesday Comics. It sounded interestin' but now that I have one in hand? Awesome.

LarrysComics Wednesday Comics did NOT make my Wednesday.I liked format. One, ONE page per week ain't gonna fly even if it's written and drawn by Jesus.

TomBrevoort Heracy, but I feel like Wednesday Comics would feel better on slicker paper. The production is so nice but the package seems so old.

chrisdwoo I wish that Wednesday Comics wasn't just a 12 week experiment, and more of a "How things are done"-kind of thing. It is too cool.

billenglish Wednesday Comics #1 – Not worth the cover price. Won't be buying again.

tomkaters: I wish all comics were printed on the same paper used in Wednesday Comics.

Roofus2099 I'm sitting in bed reading GIANT comics printed on newsprint. Thank you Wednesday Comics!!! I feel like a kid from the 40s!!

ognightmix Wednesday comics is amazing. Wish I could hang up @pulphope 's Adam Strange page at work. It's amazing.

JijiNakaba Just bought and read DC's Wednesday Comics (the Tabloid). AWESOME. I will be getting the next 11 issues for sure.

steverolston Scored my shop's last copy of Wednesday Comics. That Green Lantern page is a beauty.

cyborgone Trying to convince everyone that Wednesday Comics is awesome — philistines!

bxhonda I ripped my copy of wednesday comics cuz it's printed on newsprint. Fml.

stevenmarsh Attn world: Wednesday Comics is all that, -and- a bag of chips. Today I was giggly-excited about a comic for the first time in a decade.

sarahstarlitt People seem confused by Wednesday Comics. Would it be weird to explain it to them?

voirdire99 Holy crap … DC's Wednesday Comics is … Beautiful. I can't put it down. I've got co-workers drooling over it.

davextreme 'Wednesday Comics' is a cool package and @bleedingcool was right about it being scarce. 2 ppl came in while I was buying it & were denied.

TheComicsClub Don't miss the new Wednesday Comics from DC Comics. They're going fast! Great fun, especially if you remember newspaper comic strips of old!

Sighit Wednesday Comics 1 was nowhere to be found in town. Go figure. Picked up some back issues of Runaways and Ult. Spidey.

matthewslade paul pope does some incredible stuff with the layouts for WEDNESDAY COMICS, more entertainment than alot of us deserve for 4 bucks…

FullTimeNerd Curse England and its inability to get comics the same day as the US. We have to wait til thursday for our wednesday comics!

jpalmiotti did the wednesday comics supergirl strip make you vomit cuteness?

graemem Oh, Wednesday Comics. Must you be so beautiful?

chrismcfeely Oh man, Wednesday Comics so good! I think I liked Flash the most, purely because it ran with the format so literally!

jcola Picked up Wednesday Comics. Hope they keep it going after the 12 weeks is up.

geoffklock Is it a compliment or an insult to the artists involved that I am considering getting Wednesday Comics and wallpapering my office with it.

edsizemore Back from LCS picked up Wednesday comics on an impluse. It's gorgeous. Even if you don't like capes & tights you need to check this out.

jxc Hey Diamond, thanks for apparently short shipping the entire city on Wednesday Comics. Three stores proved to be miserable failures. Ugh.

killkillkill Prediction: Hundreds of people will reach into bags and throw out their copies of Wednesday Comics #1, mistaking it for Comic Shop News.

r_valle1 Just got news that, as expected, my LCS under-ordered Wednesday Comics and I'm out of my copy. [insert appropriate expletive here]

thebreakfastkid Wednesday Comics: sold out? Fuck! Get one 2nd printing? …nng, okay?

ommus I love the newsprint and ink smell of DC WEDNESDAY COMICS!

And hundreds more! I look forward to trying to buy a copy… tomorrow. Night all!

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