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Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – Hollywood Ending
Let's take a look at the important moments from Hollywood Ending. 1 – We start off with Jason Wilkes expelling all of the Zero Matter from his body and it going into Whitney Frost This returns Wilkes to normal but it also ramps up Whitney's power level and her connection to the black stuff She would[...]
Wynn Everett Talks Whitney Frost And The Ultimate Betrayal
Whitney Frost suffered the ultimate betrayal last week and it changed everything on Marvel's Agent Carter Now actress Wynn Everett talks about her characters motivations with only a few episodes left in the season Will she take on the name Madam Masque before it's all said and done? Marvel's Agent Carter airs Tuesdays at 9 PM[...]
Meet Whitney Frost's Muscle, Joseph Manfredi
Joining the side of the villains, meet Joseph Manfredi, Whitney Frost's right hand man and muscle We saw him for the first time in last weeks episode and from the looks of things she is going to be depending on him as the series progresses In the video below actor Ken Marino talks about playing[...]
Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – The Atomic Job
But he knows where the rest of the girls body is because the Zero Matter wants to pull back together. 2 – Peggy and Edwin Jarvis try to go and steal the body but find that Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick beat them there Frost pulls the Zero Matter out of the corpse and into her[...]
Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – Smoke And Mirrors
This article contains spoilers for Marvel's Agent Carter episode Smoke and Mirrors. . . . . .. . The conspiracy grows in the latest episode of Marvel's Agent Carter as we learn the name of the group behind everything and more about the early lives of both Peggy Carter and Whitney Frost / Agnes Cully Here are the important moment from last[...]
Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – Season Premiere
Now I say disappear and not dead because Peggy survived and Whitney Frost survived so why not Wilkes? There was too much going here to kill the character so quickly… and the fact is he feels set up to betray Peggy and to be someone pulling the strings. 5 – Wilkes lead brings us to senatorial candidate[...]
Agent Carter To Face Off With Iron Man's Madame Masque
Faustus, Agent Carter has made some changes to the Madame Masque character to make her fit into the earlier time period. Besides a modified look, Whitney Frost will be an actress and scientific genius, which fits well with the story moving to Hollywood An actress has been cast, but that and the new look are still being kept under[...]