Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – Edge Of Mystery / A Little Song And Dance

This article contains spoilers for Marvel's Agent Carter episodes – Edge of Mystery and A Little Song and Dance.







Another night, another double episode of Marvel's Agent Carter. Last night we got to see some risk, betrayal, revenge and a dance number. All of this leading up to the season two finale that airs next week. But lets talk about the important moments in Edge of Mystery and A Little Song and Dance.

1 – We start with the fall out of last week as Anna Jarvis is in the hospital after being shot by Whitney Frost. She is going to live but there were complications and she can't have children. Edwin Jarvis finds out but doesn't tell her right away. This is devastating to him and makes him a ticking time bomb that is going to go off at a very bad time. This is the first real consequence Jarvis has had to deal with while helping out Peggy Carter.

2 – Howard Stark sends in a set of plans for a Gamma Gun, a device that could eliminate Zero Matter. Which is good timing because Dr. Samberly can just put it together with a few modifications. And it plays a big part in both episodes… but the big question is, why is it a Gamma Gun? You hear the word Gamma and you think The Hulk. Was it just a good name for the device or will the Gamma Gun be used in future cinematic stories?

3 – Carter, Jarvis and Daniel Sousa meet with Frost and Joseph Manfredi to exchange the reactors for Dr. Jason Wilkes. They are of course exchanging duds for Wilkes and get away with it… until Wilkes pulls a gun on them and demands to know where the real cores are. He betrays Peggy and threatens to kill her until Sousa gives up the information. This is one of those moments when emotions override logic, a theme that comes up two other times over the two episodes.

4 – Jack Thompson, now convinced that Vernon Masters is not up to good, has joined back with Carter and Sousa and they go out to stop Frost from recreating the Zero Matter rift. But Jarvis has other plans and speeds into the area. When the rift opens, it takes Wilkes and not Frost and when they use the Gamma Gun to close the rift, she is concerned for Wilkes, but Jarvis doesn't care. He shoots her twice, seeking revenge for what he did to his wife. This ends up doing nothing to Frost but gets Carter and Jarvis captured and strands Thompson, Sousa and Samberly in the desert.

Interlude – For some reason the producers decided the series needed a musical number. I'm not exactly sure why as it wasn't that great of a number and it didn't really move the plot forward any other than to show that Peggy is conflicted over her feelings for Sousa and Wilkes… which is oddly timed since Wilkes just betrayed them. So again, other than a ratings gimmick I have no idea why they felt this was a good idea.

5 – Thompson redeems himself a little bit here as he comes up with a plan to not only save their lives in the desert, but to also take control of the SSR again, take out Masters and Frost at the same time and save the day. It's actually a really good plan that might have worked had Carter and Sousa not tried to stop him. Emotion overriding logic once again.

6 – Wilkes loses control over the Zero Matter in him and pushes Carter to safety, showing that he still care for her. But he goes to find Frost. The Zero Matter is cracking through his skin and looks like it explodes. I'm guessing neither Masters nor Wilkes makes it out of there alive, this season feels like there can't be a happy ending. They really should have let Thompson blow up the Gamma Gun.

Which leads us to the season finale, Hollywood Ending. We get the return of Howard Stark and what looks like Manfredi joining forces with Carter to stop Frost… who definitely seems to be more powerful. And we still haven't seen the classic gold mask…


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