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Last night we got the return of Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy and the rest of the cast of Marvel's Agent Carter in not one, but two episodes. The Lady in the Lake started it off and introduced us to the mystery of a frozen lake on a warm summer's day and then A View in the Dark showed us both a powerful shadow group and a powerful mysterious substance. Not a bad way to kick off a new season. So let's take a look at the important moments with two bonus moments because of the double episode.

1 – The season kicks off right away with action as Peggy Carter gets to confront Dottie Underwood in a bank vault brawl. This seems to wrap up the open thread from last season, but instead gives us the first thread of the new season. Dottie was going for a specific safety deposit box which contained a lapel pin and nothing else. The box had no owner name, leaving the question what is so important about the pin.

2 – Before she can get answers out of Dottie, Peggy is sent to Los Angeles by Chief Jack Thompson. It's obvious that he is still threatened by Peggy being a better agent and uses this opportunity to get her out of the way when Daniel Sousa calls for back up from L.A. This is important not only because it puts Peggy on a new case, but because it leaves the SSR vulnerable to what seems to be coming next.

3 – What gets Peggy to L.A. is a body that was found in a frozen lake, in the middle of summer. It is frozen solid and bears the wounds of a cold case file from a few years previous of a killer who would put his victims in the lake. The local detective works with the SSR on the case, thinking his serial killer is back but Peggy questions whether the two events are related. Leaving them with the question what could not only freeze a body through but also a lake.

4 – The investigation leads them to Isodyne, a company working on various scientific research where Peggy meets Dr. Jason Wilkes. He is surprisingly helpful, flirty and intelligent. He ideas the dead body and points Peggy towards the owner of Isodyne, Calvin Chadwick. Wilkes is a nice character addition to the series i that the first season pointed out the lack of equality for women in that era, with Wilkes they can and do point out the lack of equality and bigotry in that time as well. We get to see a genuine connection forming between the two. But in the end he disappears because of the Zero Matter (more on that later). Now I say disappear and not dead because Peggy survived and Whitney Frost survived so why not Wilkes? There was too much going here to kill the character so quickly… and the fact is he feels set up to betray Peggy and to be someone pulling the strings.

5 – Wilkes lead brings us to senatorial candidate Calvin Chadwick and his actress wife Whitney Frost. Chadwick is first set up to feel like the potential big bad but in truth is only a pawn. He is being manipulated by both Frost and whatever council he is part of. Frost is a popular actress but is aging and wants to use the Zero Matter to change the world… but the council, which includes Hugh Jones from season one, decides to shut down the research and scrub the lab. They tell Chadwick to focus on his campaign, but Frost is not happy about it.

6 – Meanwhile back in New York Thompson is visited by a friend of his fathers, Vernon Masters, who comes in and gives Dottie to the FBI and takes the lapel pin himself. Thompson is upset, but Masters calms him down. He tells Jack that things are changing and the SSR will likely be going away… but if he plays his cards right he'll be high up in whatever comes next. If Masters isn't part of the shadow council it will be quite surprising.

7 – So what is Zero Matter? Well, we don't know for sure but it looks like more than just this season's McGuffin. It's the same substance that we've seen on Agents of SHIELD but called Darkforce, the stuff Marcus Daniels uses as Blackout. There is also talk that this will somehow tie into the Doctor Strange film… so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

8 – And the fun moment form the episode… no, not Bernard the Flamingo… we get to meet Ana Jarvis who is awesome. We also get to meet Sousa's girlfriend Violet who seems too good to be true and has no last name. I wouldn't get too attached to her.

Oh, and there is a Jason Wilkes in the comic universe (Tales of Suspense #25). He was a scientist who was paid by a communist agent to create an invisibility ray. But after testing it on himself, he became invisible and intangible so he couldn't touch the ray to reverse it. So did the producers just decide to use the name or could the fate be similar?

Here is the full season promo they ran last night:


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