Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – The Atomic Job

This article contains spoilers for the recent episode of Marvel's Agent CarterThe Atomic Job.








The latest episode of Marvel's Agent Carter, called the Atomic Job, brings a lot of the pieces together for the good guys. It also puts our hero and villain in direct conflict while putting everything else on hold. It's an episode that was good for character development but it felt like a filler when it comes to plot development. Lets look at the important moments.

1 – We start with Jason Wilkes waking up Peggy Carter to show here something in the lab. It seem that the Zero Matter is all connected and the tiny bit that is in the skin sample from the dead girl in the lake tries and eventually gets out of the glass container and goes into Wilkes. For a moment he becomes tangible and one with the goo… only to revert back a moment later. But he knows where the rest of the girls body is because the Zero Matter wants to pull back together.

2 – Peggy and Edwin Jarvis try to go and steal the body but find that Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick beat them there. Frost pulls the Zero Matter out of the corpse and into her own body, making her understand that the Zero Matter wants to recreate the exact same explosion that pulled it through leading to Frost telling Chadwick that she needs an atomic bomb.

3 – Wilkes theorizes that Frost will need the atomic bombs Isodyne was using for the tests that are now in a super-secure Roxxon facility. Peggy puts together a team she can trust: Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, Rose and Dr. Samberly the SSR's scientist. Why this is important is that eventually the SSR will collapse and SHIELD will be created and this is likely the team that will start it.

4 – Frost needs help to steal the atomic bombs from Roxxon, so she calls on her old connections. That being a former boyfriend Joseph Manfredi, who is basically the mob. In the comics Madam Masque always had ties to a mafia like organization called Maggia. They end up indebted to Manfredi for his help, something Chadwick is not happy about.

5 – While everyone is trying to get to the bombs, Peggy and Frost cross paths. We get to see just how powerful she is becoming and how she is able to hurt Peggy badly. The good guys get away with the bombs and the wounded Peggy while the bad guys get nothing. They take Peggy back to Sousa's place where his now fiancee helps patch her up. But in doing so, Violet ends up seeing how much Daniel cares about Peggy and that is likely to screw things up for the two of them.

6 – Maybe the second most important thing that happened was Chadwick got to see just how crazy his wife is becoming and calls an emergency meeting of the Council of 9. This is likely to put the Council and Frost at odds. If Frost leans on her mob connections more we could end up with Peggy and her friends trapped between two very powerful organizations, all of whom won't think twice about killing her.

The reason I think we just saw the seeds of SHIELD is, other than that group working together the only really important things that came out of this episode is learning Zero Matter wants to be whole, Frost is tied to the mob and now an enemy of the council. All of which could have been done within a much more event filled episode. Putting this team together on a mission has to mean something in the future or this really was just a filler episode which would be odd in a 10-episode season.

Next week we get a 2-hour Agent Carter and the return of Dottie Underwood.


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