Wild West Exodus

Warcradle Studios Teases More Mythos Miniatures

Warcradle Studios Teases More "Mythos" Miniatures

Not only has the company behind Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars been plugging away on their flagship titles, they've also been developing stand along properties like Lost World Exodus, and the brand new, Lovecraft inspired Mythos, which looks simply wonderful.[caption id="attachment_1118382" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Mythos Images Courtesy Warcradle Studios/Wayland Games[/caption]Warcradle took to their blog today[...]

New Holiday Miniatures for Wild West Exodus

New Holiday Miniatures for Wild West Exodus!

Warcradle studios is at PAX Unleashed in Philadelphia today, and they just released images of their new seasonal miniature for Wild West Exodus! It's Krampus, kids! Hooray![caption id="attachment_951607" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Courtesy Warcradle Studios[/caption]Such majesty Such epic, brutal holiday cheer So many severed body parts.. He even comes with a lovely basket to stuff misbehaving kids[...]