Declan Shalvey and Gavin Fullertons New Graphic Novel Bog Bodies Announced at WorldCon

Declan Shalvey and Gavin Fullerton's New Graphic Novel, Bog Bodies, Announced at WorldCon

Announced at the Image Comics panel at WorldCon in Dublin, earlier today, an original graphic novel Bog Bodies, written by Declan Shalvey (Injection, Savage Town), artist Gavin Fullerton (Bags [Or A Story Thereof]), colorist Rebecca Nalty (Xena, Glow), letterer Clayton Cowles (Die, Savage Town), and editor Heather Antos from Image Comics in March 2020.Previously referring[...]

Will WorldCon 2020 Be Why George R. R. Martin Finishes Winds of Winter

Will WorldCon 2020 Be Why George R. R. Martin Finishes 'Winds of Winter'?

Martin (website)[/caption]Air New Zealand launched a video campaign to get GRRM to visit them, in the hopes that a trip to the magical island will help him "finish his book". responded to this on his "Not-A-Blog", admitting that he *does* have plans to hit New Zealand in 2020 for WorldCon. In the summer of 2020, Wellington[...]

Marvel And Image Split Hugo Awards Comics Category Shut Out Other Publishers

Marvel And Image Split Hugo Awards Comics Category, Shut Out Other Publishers

Worldcon has released the finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards, the science fiction and fantasy awards named after Amazing Stories founder Hugo Gernsback We're pretty sure that's the book Spider-Man first appeared in In true snooty comics website fashion, we'll only talk about the things that relate to comic books and ignore everything else.First, in the most important[...]

Another Day Another Hugo Controversy

Another Day, Another Hugo Controversy

You may remember how, when the UK's biggest chatshow host Jonathan Ross was asked and agreed to host the Hugo Awards for free, certain people were up in arms. Charges of sexism, of bullying, of being outside of the fan community were laid. None of which seemed to actually stack up when they were challenged, […]

The Hugos Jonathan Ross His Family And Neil Gaiman

The Hugos, Jonathan Ross, His Family And Neil Gaiman

Bleeding Cool ran a summary of the twitterstorm that kicked off in the light of Jonathan Ross being announced at the host of this year's Hugo Awards at LonCon, WorldCon in London, with our own particular take It got linked to from a few places.In the aftermath of Jonathan Ross withdrawing, a few events occurred[...]