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Animal Castle #1 Sells Out, ABLAZE plans 2nd Printing
The European series by writer Xavier Dorison and artist Felix Delep is a political satire that riffs on George Orwell's Animal Farm about an animal rebellion that sets up a new system of governance only for tensions between different animal factions to result in more conflict The 2nd printing of Animal Castle #1 will be[...]
Is Red One's Terry Dodson A Cold War Spy? Read This Interview To Find Out
This past Wednesday saw the release of Red One by Xavier Dorison, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, a 70s Cold War comic that's been in the making for several years The comic follows a Soviet Agent named Vera Yelnikov who infiltrates America's heart as heroine Alabama Jones, whose mission is to make Russians look sympathetic[...]
Catacombs And Conspiracies – Preview The Third Testament Vol. 2 From Titan
Our characters are venturing into the catacombs of Europe in search of a secret library in this medieval conspiracy-theory thriller written by Xavier Dorison and Alex Alice with art by Alice. Titan describe the book thus: The second thrilling volume in the smash-hit series in the vein of The Name Of The Rose and Indiana Jones! Fleeing France,[...]
Special Preview Of Titan's Third Testament With Medieval Murder And Sacred Relics
The Third Testament Volume 1: The Lion Wakes, written by Xavier Dorison and Alex Alice, with art by Alex Alice, is forthcoming in a new Titan Comics collection in October, having sold over 500,000 copies worldwide in earlier iterations, and is being hailed as a mainstay of Titan's new graphic novel line-up. It opens with a[...]