Special Preview Of Titan's Third Testament With Medieval Murder And Sacred Relics

The Third Testament Volume 1: The Lion Wakes, written by Xavier Dorison and Alex Alice, with art by Alex Alice, is forthcoming in a new Titan Comics collection in October, having sold over 500,000 copies worldwide in earlier iterations, and is being hailed as a mainstay of Titan's new graphic novel line-up.

It opens with a 14th century setting, a mysterious sacred relic, and plenty of destruction (which seems to be about a 50-50 chance when it comes to mysterious relics). We follow Inquisitor Conrad of Marburg on a world-spanning quest to discover the truth behind the disaster, revealing, of course, even bigger mysteries and darker truths.

Titan have kindly provided an early preview of artwork from The Third Testament:

ThirdTestament_Vol1_ 3rdTEST_preview0 3rdTEST_preview1 3rdTEST_Strip_previewart2 3rdTEST_Strip_previewart3

The Third Testament Volume 1: The Lion Wakes is forthcoming from Titan on October 21st.

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