AEW Dynamite – Cody Rhodes Returns to Dynamite with New Hair Color

This week, we get two episodes of AEW Dynamite. What a way to distract us from the end of American democracy, am I right?

The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT
The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Report for September 23rd, 2020 Part 1

Dynamite shows a RIP Animal graphic at the beginning of the show, then right into the credits. Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary. Kip Sabian comes out right away with Penelope Ford. He says it's time for the moment everyone's been waiting for, the in-ring debut of the most handsome man ever, not just Kip's best man, but "the" best man, Miro. Miro comes out. He has a "The Best Man" t-shirt… which he promptly rips off. He's in great shape. Joey Janella and Sonny Kiss come out. Damn, this is gonna be a great match! Janella cuts a promo in a video and says Kip made a big mistake proposing to Penelope. He's been there, and Kip's a nice guy, so he wanted to warn him. But he and Sonny are on the "Express to Victory" tonight.

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs. Kip Sabian and Miro

  • Sabian and Miro drag out Miro's debut a bit. Kip starts off the match and tangles with Sonny, then they both tag out. Miro and Janella face-off, but Sabian tags himself right back in.
  • Then when Miro does tag in for real, he's mostly dominant. At one point, Janela dumps him over the top rope, and Miro sells a leg injury for a while, but otherwise, he doesn't really take any offense.
  • Miro makes Sonny submit with the Accolade.

Overall a pretty good in-ring debut for Miro on Dynamite, though there were a few spots where timing was off between everyone, and I'm pretty sure it was all Janela's fault.

Eddie Kingston comes out as Miro and Sabian are leaving. He wants to talk to the people. It's Kingston vs. Moxley for the world championship tonight. He was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale, which is why he's getting this shot. But 18 years says he deserves it too. Eddie and Moxley used to be cut from the same cloth, but Moxley sold out and went to the land of sports entertainers. Eddie never sold out. Before he puts Moxley down tonight and becomes new world champ, he wants to look into "the entertainer's eyes." He calls out Moxley.

Moxley comes out through the stands and gets right in Kingston's face. But refs come down and break it up. Dynamite takes its first commercial break.

After that, Kenny Omega comes out to the commentary table. Evil Uno comes out. Hangman Page comes out. The Dark Order stands at the top of the stage.

Evil Uno vs. Hangman Page

  • It's a good match; though, of course, the match isn't really the main point here. The point is Kenny on commentary, being passive-aggressively complimentary of Page while remaining emotionally detached from their former relationship
  • Evil Uno sends the Dark Order backstage when they're about to attack Page during the match. Of note, Colt Cabana was all in on the potential attack, because the thing about AEW is there's often more than one storyline advancing in a single match.
  • After a really solid match, Page wins the Buckshot Lariat.

Kenny leaves after the match, no interaction with Kenny.

Then Tony Schiavone knocks on the Young Bucks' locker room backstage, apprehensively. He flinches when Matt Jackson opens the door, but Matt says he wouldn't kick Tony. Matt says they should have never put their hands on "Alex What's His Face" or the ref, "Mike Poseur," the other week on Dynamite. But the Bucks have gone through a lot and lost a lot. They've lost title opportunities and relationships with friends. But Matt promises they'll do better.

Tony says FTR is the reason for all of it. Matt doesn't want to talk about FTR. Tony asks how it felt to watch FTR win the titles from Hangman and Kenny. Matt is pissed now. He asks to see Tony's phone. Tony dumbly hands it over, and Matt smashes it. Then he tosses a wad of money at Tony, tells him to get an upgrade, and goes back in his locker room. Dynamite takes a commercial break.

Orange Cassidy heads out to the ring after the break. Then Brodie Lee comes out. After some fanfare, the match begins. Dark Order is at ringside.

Orange Cassidy vs. Brodie Lee – TNT Championship Match

  • As you can imagine, Lee is not at all amused by Orange Cassidy's nonsense.
  • The story here is Orange Cassidy, the ultimate underdog, fighting against overwhelming odds, not only the size and power of Brodie Lee but the numbers of the Dark Order, who cheat the entire match.
  • Ultimately, while Cassidy puts up a good fight, Lee wins with the Discus Clothesline.

After the match, the lights go dark, and we hear Cody's elaborate intro music for his entrance music. Cody is here on Dynamite! Hie's in a black suit with his hair dyed black. He attacks and single-handedly beats up several members of the Dark Order, though Lee gets out of there. Cody puts 5 in the figure four.

Dasha is backstage, but Anna Jay takes her microphone and pulls her away. Brodie Lee yells about Cody's audacity in returning that way. He brings up what he did to Dustin Rhodes and what Anna Jay did to Brandi Rhodes. "What kind of man lets his wife post-Instagram thirst traps while calling me daddy?" Damn! Lee says Cody isn't a man. He's a coward. Cody can run, but sooner or later, Lee is gonna cut him down, put a dog collar on his neck, covering the bad tattoo, and Cody will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Cody, has one week to answer Lee: is he a man, or is he a coward?

AEW Dynamite Continues…

…but not here. You have to click down below for part two of this Dynamite report.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars for September 23rd, 2020.

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